Michel Loreau - Publications#

Over 300 scientific publications, among which 6 books and numerous papers in the top disciplinary and multidisciplinary journals (5 in Nature, 5 in Science, 7 in PNAS, 16 in Ecology Letters,…).


1. Desender, K., Dufrêne, M., Loreau, M., Luff, M. L. & Maelfait, J.-P. (Eds), 1994. — Carabid Beetles: Ecology and Evolution. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 474 pp.

2. Loreau, M., Naeem, S. & Inchausti, P. (Eds), 2002. — Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Synthesis and Perspectives. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 294 pp.

3. Naeem, S., Bunker, D. E., Hector, A., Loreau, M. & Perrings, C. (Eds), 2009. — Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning, and Human Wellbeing: An Ecological and Economic Perspective. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 368 pp.

4. Levin, S. A., Carpenter, S. R., Godfray, H. C. J., Kinzig, A. P., Loreau, M., Losos, J. B., Walker, B. & Wilcove, D. S. (Eds), 2009. — The Princeton Guide to Ecology. Princeton University Press, Princeton, 809 pp.

5. Loreau, M., 2010. — The Challenges of Biodiversity Science. Excellence in Ecology, International Ecology Institute, Oldendorf/Luhe, 120 pp.

6. Loreau, M., 2010. — From Populations to Ecosystems: Theoretical Foundations for a New Ecological Synthesis. Monographs in Population Biology, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 297 pp.

Selected papers

1. Yachi, S. & Loreau, M., 1999. — Biodiversity and ecosystem productivity in a fluctuating environment: the insurance hypothesis. PNAS, 96: 1463–1468.

2. Hector, A., Schmid, B., Beierkuhnlein, C., Caldeira, M. C., Diemer, M., Dimitrakopoulos, P. G., Finn, J. A., Freitas, H., Giller, P. S., Good, J., Harris, R., Högberg, P., Huss-Danell, K., Joshi, J., Jumpponen, A., Körner, C., Leadley, P. W., Loreau, M., Minns, A., Mulder, C. P. H., O’Donovan, G., Otway, S. J., Pereira, J. S., Prinz, A., Read, D. J., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schulze, E.-D., Siamantziouras, A.-S. D., Spehn, E. M., Terry, A. C., Troumbis, A. Y., Woodward, F. I., Yachi, S. & Lawton, J. H., 1999. — Plant diversity and productivity experiments in European grasslands. Science, 286: 1123–1127.

3. Hulot, F. D., Lacroix, G., Lescher-Moutoué, F. & Loreau, M., 2000. — Functional diversity governs ecosystem response to nutrient enrichment. Nature, 405: 340–344.

4. Loreau, M. & Hector, A., 2001. — Partitioning selection and complementarity in biodiversity experiments. Nature, 412: 72–76 & 413: 548.

5. Loreau, M., Naeem, S., Inchausti, P., Bengtsson, J., Grime, J. P., Hector, A., Hooper, D. U., Huston, M. A., Raffaelli, D., Schmid, B., Tilman, D. & Wardle, D. A., 2001. — Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: current knowledge and future challenges. Science, 294: 804–808.

6. Mouquet, N. & Loreau, M., 2003. — Community patterns in source–sink metacommunities. The American Naturalist, 162: 544–557.

7. Loreau, M., Mouquet, N. & Gonzalez, A., 2003. — Biodiversity as spatial insurance in heterogeneous landscapes. PNAS, 100: 12765–12770.

8. Thébault, E. & Loreau, M., 2003. — Food-web constraints on biodiversity–ecosystem functioning relationships. PNAS, 100: 14949–14954.

9. Leibold, M. A., Holyoak, M., Mouquet, N., Amarasekare, P., Chase, J. M., Hoopes, M. F., Holt, R. D., Shurin, J. B., Law, R., Tilman, D., Loreau, M. & Gonzalez, A., 2004. — The metacommunity concept: a framework for multi-scale community ecology. Ecology Letters, 7: 601–613.

10. Heemsbergen, D. A., Berg, M. P., Loreau, M., van Hal, J. R., Faber, J. H. & Verhoef, H. A., 2004. — Biodiversity effects on soil processes explained by interspecific functional dissimilarity. Science, 306: 1019–1020.

11. Hooper, D. U., Chapin, F. S. III, Ewel, J. J., Hector, A., Inchausti, P., Lavorel, S., Lawton, J. H., Lodge, D. M., Loreau, M., Naeem, S., Schmid, B., Setälä, H., Symstad, A. J., Vandermeer, J. & Wardle, D. A., 2005. — Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: a consensus of current knowledge. Ecological Monographs, 75: 3−35.

12. Loeuille, N. & Loreau, M., 2005. — Evolutionary emergence of size-structured food webs. PNAS, 102: 5761−5766.

13. Loreau, M., Oteng-Yeboah, A., Arroyo, M. T. K., Babin, D., Barbault, R., Donoghue, M., Gadgil, M., Häuser, C., Heip, C., Larigauderie, A., Ma, K., Mace, G., Mooney, H. A., Perrings, C., Raven, P., Sarukhan, J., Schei, P., Scholes, R. J. & Watson, R. T., 2006. — Diversity without representation. Nature, 442: 245–246.

14. Duffy, J. E., Cardinale, B. J., France, K. E., McIntyre, P. B., Thébault, E. & Loreau, M., 2007. — The functional role of biodiversity in ecosystems: incorporating trophic complexity. Ecology Letters, 10: 522–538.

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16. Cardinale, B. J., Wright, J. P., Cadotte, M. W., Carroll, I. T., Hector, A., Srivastava, D. S., Loreau, M. & Weis, J. J., 2007. — Impacts of plant diversity on biomass production increase through time because of species complementarity. PNAS, 104: 18123–18128.

17. Loreau, M., 2010. — Linking biodiversity and ecosystems: towards a unifying ecological theory. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 365: 49−60.

18. Isbell, F., Calcagno, V., Hector, A., Connolly, J., Harpole, W. S., Reich, P. B., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmid, B., Tilman, D., van Ruijven, J., Weigelt, A., Wilsey, B. J., Zavaleta, E. S. & Loreau, M., 2011. — High plant diversity is needed to maintain ecosystem services. Nature, 477: 199−202.

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21. de Mazancourt, C., Isbell, F., Larocque, A., Berendse, F., De Luca, E., Grace, J. B., Haegeman, B., Polley, H. W., Roscher, C., Schmid, B., Tilman, D., van Ruijven, J., Weigelt, A., Wilsey, B. J. & Loreau, M., 2013. — Predicting ecosystem stability from community composition and biodiversity. Ecology Letters, 16: 617–625.
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