Giuseppe Longobardi - Selected Publications#

1) Remarks on Infinitives: a Case for a Filter, Journal of Italian Linguistics, 5, 1980, 101-155.

2) Connectedness, Scope and C-command, Linguistic Inquiry, 16, 2, 1985, 163-192.

3) The Syntax of Noun Phrases, Cambridge UK, 1991 (in coll. with A. Giorgi). [898]

4) Reference and Proper Names: A Theory of N-movement in Syntax and Logical Form, in: Linguistic Inquiry, 25, 4, 1994, 609-655. [2476]

5) The Syntax of N-raising: a minimalist theory, OTS Working Paper, Utrecht 1996.

6) Formal Syntax, Diachronic Minimalism and Etymology: the history of French chez, in: Linguistic Inquiry 32, 2, 2001, 275-302. [259]

7) How Comparative Is Semantics? A unified parametric theory of bare nouns and proper names, in Natural Language Semantics 9, 2001, 335-369. [299]

8) Postverbal subjects and the Mapping Hypothesis, in: Linguistic Inquiry 31, 4, 2000, 691-702.

9) The Structure of DPs: principles, parameters and problems, in: M. Baltin & C. Collins (eds.) Handbook of Syntactic Theory, Blackwell, Cambridge, MA & Oxford, UK, 2001, 562-603.

10) Movement of proper names to determiner position. A neurolinguistic study (in collaboration with C. Semenza, R. Cocolo, A. Granà, L. Bertella, S. Baudo, and R. Pignatti) Brain and Language. 83, 2002, 49-52.

11) Methods in Parametric Linguistics and Cognitive History, in Linguistic Variation Yearbook 3, 2003, 101-138. [108]

12) A Minimalist Program for Parametric Linguistics?, in H. Broekhuis, N. Corver, M. Huybregts, U. Kleinhenz, and J. Koster (eds.) Organizing Grammar: Linguistic Studies for Henk van Riemsdijk, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin/New York, 2005, 407-414.

13) Parametric Comparison and Language Taxonomy (in collaboration with C. Guardiano), in M. Batllori, M.L. Hernanz, C. Picallo, and F. Roca (eds.) Grammaticalization and Parametric Variation, Oxford University Press, 2005, 149-174.

14) Reference to Individuals, Person, and the Variety of Mapping Parameters, in A. Klinge and H. Müller (eds.) Essays on Nominal Determination, John Benjamins, Philadelphia/Amsterdam, 2008, 189–211.

15) Change, relatedness and inertia in historical syntax (in collaboration with P. Crisma), in P. Crisma and G. Longobardi (eds.) Historical Syntax and Linguistic Theory, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2009, 1-13.

16) Evidence for Syntax as a Signal of Historical Relatedness (in collaboration with C. Guardiano), in Lingua 119, 11, 2009, 1679-1706.

17) Universals, diversity and change in the science of language: Reaction to “The Myth of Language Universals and Cognitive Science”, (in collaboration with I. Roberts), in Lingua 120, 2010, 2699–2703.

18) Long-range comparison between genes and languages based on syntactic distances (in coll. with V. Colonna, A. Boattini, C. Guardiano, I. Dall’Ara, D. Pettener, and G. Barbujani), in Human Heredity 70, 2010, 245-254.

19) Convergence in parametric phylogenies: homoplasy or principled explanation?, in C. Galves, S. Cyrino, R. Lopes, F. Sandalo, and J. Avelar (eds.) Parameter Theory and Linguistic Change, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2012, 304-319.

20) The Structure of Noun Phrases (in collaboration with G. Silvestri), in Silvia Luraghi and Claudia Parodi (eds.) The Bloomsbury Companion to Syntax, Bloomsbury, London-New York, 2013, 88-117.

21) Toward a Syntactic Phylogeny of Modern Indo-European Languages (in collaboration with C. Guardiano, G. Silvestri, A. Ceolin, and A. Boattini), Journal of Historical Linguistics 3:1 (2013), 122–152.

22) Theory and experiment in Parametric Minimalism: the case of Romance negation, in Diana Guillemin, Rob Pensalfini and Myf Turpin (eds.) Language Description Informed by Theory, John Benjamins, Philadelphia/Amsterdam, 2014, 217-261.

23) Across language families: DNA diversity mirrors linguistic variation within Europe, (in collaboration with S. Ghirotto, F. Tassi, A. Benazzo, A. Ceolin, C. Guardiano, and G. Barbujani), in American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 157, 2015, 630-640.

24) South by South-East (in coll. with C. Guardiano, D. Michelioudakis, A. Ceolin, I. Sitaridou, M. Irimia, N. Radkevich, G. Silvestri), in Italia Dialettale, 77, 2016, 95-166.

25) Parameter Theory and Parametric Comparison (in coll. with C. Guardiano), in Ian Roberts (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Universal Grammar, Oxford University Press, 2016, 377-401.

26) Principles, Parameters, and Schemata: a radically underspecified UG, in Linguistic Analysis 2017, 41, 3/4
, 517-557.

27) Formal syntax as a phylogenetic method (in coll. with C. Guardiano, G. Cordoni and P. Crisma), in R.D. Janda, B. Joseph, B. Vance (eds) Blackwell’s Handbook of Historical Linguistics Volume II. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley/Blackwell, 2020, 145-182.

28) Syntactic parameters and language learnability (in coll. with P. Crisma and C. Guardiano) Studi e Saggi Linguistici 58, 2020, 99–130.

29) Formal Syntax and Deep History (in coll. with A. Ceolin, C. Guardiano and M-A. Irimia) Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 2020.

30) More rule than exception: parallel evidence of ancient migrations in grammars and genomes of Finno-Ugric speakers (in coll. with P. Santos, G. González-Fortes, E. Trucchi, A. Ceolin, G. Cordoni, and G. Barbujani). Genes 11, 1491, 2020.

31) At the boundaries of syntactic prehistory (in coll. with A. Ceolin, C. Guardiano, M-A. Irimia, L. Bortolussi and A. Sgarro) Philosophical Transactions Royal Society B 376 (2021): 20200197.

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