Terje Lohndal - Selected Publications#

Total number of publications in peer reviewed journals: 37 (+ 5 submitted), 27 book chapters, 3 monographs, 5 edited books, 7 conference proceedings, 40 popular science articles, 70 media contributions. H-index 20, i10 index 40, total citations 1432.


Björnsdóttir, Sigriður Mjöll, Marit Westergaard and Terje Lohndal. 2020. The Effects of Attrition on Grammatical Gender: A View from North American Icelandic. Heritage Language Journal 17: 332-354.

Lohndal, Terje and Marit Westergaard. 2020. Grammatical Gender: Acquisition, Attrition, and Change. Journal of Germanic Linguistics 33: 95-121.

Lohndal, Terje, Jason Rothman, Tanja Kupisch & Marit Westergaard. 2019. Heritage Language Acquisition: What it Reveals and Why it is Important for Formal Linguistic Theories. Language and Linguistics Compass. Doi:10.111/lnc3.12357 [Citations: 7]

Kush, Dave, Terje Lohndal & Jon Sprouse. 2019. On the Island Sensitivity of Topicalization in Norwegian: An experimental investigation. Language 95(3): 393-420. [Citations: 11]

Busterud, Guro, Terje Lohndal, Yulia Rodina and Marit Westergaard. 2019. The loss of feminine gender in Norwegian: A dialect comparison. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 22: 141-167. [Citations: 13]

Kush, Dave, Terje Lohndal & Jon Sprouse. 2018. Investigating Variation in Island Effects: A Case Study of Norwegian Wh-Extraction. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 36: 743-779. [Citations: 40]

Lohndal, Terje & Marit Westergaard. 2016. Grammatical Gender in American Norwegian Heritage Language: Stability or Attrition? Frontiers in Psychology. Doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00344 [Citations: 56]

Haegeman, Liliane & Terje Lohndal. 2010. Negative Concord and (Multiple) Agree: A Case Study of West Flemish. Linguistic Inquiry 41, 181-211. [Citations: 160]


Lohndal, Terje. 2017. Formal Grammar: Theory and Variation across English and Norwegian. Routledge Leading Linguists. London: Routledge.

Lohndal, Terje. 2014. Phrase Structure and Argument Structure: A Case Study of the Syntax-Semantics Interface. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Citations: 121] This book and research underlying it was an important reason for the illustrious Nils Klim Prize award, as the prize committee emphasize in their statement: " Furthermore the achievements of Terje Lohndal are demonstrated not only by the number of high quality publications and by the depth and originality of those publications. Jointly they have one additional significant characteristic, namely their range: Lohndal has published original contributions across linguistic disciplines, i.e. not only within the field of formal syntax but also in that of semantics. Indeed his originality lies precisely in his semantic approach to formal syntax."

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