Pierre-Marie Lledo - List of Publications#

Selected Research Articles

1. Alén F, Mouret A, Viveros MP, Llorente R, Lepousez G, Lledo P-M & López-Moreno JA. (2010). Converging action of alcohol consumption and cannabinoid receptor activation on adult hippocampal neurogenesis. J. Neuropsychopharmacol. 1, 1-15.

2. Belvindrah R, Lazarini F & Lledo P-M. Postnatal neurogenesis: From neuroblast migration to integration into mature circuits. Reviews in the Neurosciences (sous presse).

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4. Mouret A, Gras J, Lepousez G, Gabellec MM & Lledo P-M. (2009). Turnover of newborn olfactory bulb neurons optimizes olfaction. J. Neurosci. 29, 12302-12314.

5. Panzanelli P, Bardy C, Nissant A, Pallotto M, Sassoè-Pognetto M, Lledo P-M & Fritschy J-M. (2009). Early synapse formation in developing interneurons of the adult olfactory bulb. J. Neurosci. 29, 15039-15052.

6. Mouret A, Murray K & Lledo P-M. (2009). Centrifugal drive onto local inhibitory interneurons of the olfactory bulb. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1170, 239–254.

7. Lazarini F, Mouthon MA, Gheusi G, de Chaumont F, Olivo-Marin JC, Lamarque S, Nora Abrous D, Boussin FD & Lledo P-M. (2009). Cellular and behavioral effects of cranial irradiation of the adult subventricular zone. PlosOne 4, e7017.

8. Nissant A, Bardy C, Murray K & Lledo P-M (2009). Neurogenesis promotes synaptic plasticity in the adult olfactory bulb. Nature Neurosci. 12, 728-730 (selected for Faculty of 1000 Biology).

9. Lledo P-M (2009). Dissecting the pathophysiology of depression with a Swiss army knife. Neuron 62, 453-455.

10. Gheusi G, Ortega-Perez I, Murray KM & Lledo P-M (2009). A niche for neurogenesis in social behavior. Behavioural Brain Research 200, 315-322.

11. Mouret A, Gheusi G, Gabellec MM, de Chaumont F, Olivo-Marin JC & Lledo P-M. (2008). Learning and survival of newly generated neurons: when time matters. J. Neurosci. 28, 11511-11516.

12. Lledo PM, Merkle FT & Alvarez-Buylla (2008). Origin and function of olfactory bulb interneuron diversity. Trends in Neurosci. 31, 392-400.

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14. Katsimpardi L, Gaitanou M, Malnou C, Lledo P-M, Charneau P, Matsas R & Thomaidou D (2008). BM88/Cend1 expression levels are critical for proliferation and differentiation of subventricular zone-derived neural precursor cells. Stem Cells 26, 1796-1807.

15. Grubb M, Nissant A, Murray K & Lledo P-M. (2008). Functional maturation of the first synapse in olfaction: Development and adult neurogenesis. J. Neurosci. 28, 2919-2932.

16. Lagier S, Panzanelli P, Sassoè-Pognetto M, Fritschy JM & Lledo P-M. (2007). GABAergic inhibition at dendro-dendritic synapses tunes gamma oscillations. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 104, 7259-64.

17. Gabellec M M, Panzanelli P, Sassoè-Pognetto M & Lledo P-M. (2007). Synapse-specific localization of vesicular glutamate transporters in the rat olfactory bulb. Eur. J. Neurosci. 25, 1373-83.

18. Romero-Grimaldi C, Gheusi G, Lledo P-M & Estrada C. (2006). Chronic inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis enhances both subventricular zone neurogenesis and olfactory learning in adult mice. Eur. J. Neurosci. 24, 2461-70.

19. Alonso M, Viollet C, Gabellec M-M, Meas-Yadid V, Olivo-Marin J-C & Lledo P-M. (2006). Olfactory discrimination learning increases the survival of adult-born neurons in the olfactory bulb. J. Neurosci. 26, 10508-13.

20. de Chevigny A, Lemasson M, Saghatelyan A, Sibbe M, Schachner M & Lledo P-M. (2006). Delayed onset of odor detection in neonatal mice lacking tenascin-C. Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 32, 174-186.

21. Bathelier B, Lagier S, Faure P & Lledo P-M. (2006). Circuit properties generating gamma oscillations in the mammalian olfactory bulb. J. Neurophysiol. 95, 2678-2691.

22. Rochefort C & Lledo P-M. (2005). Short-term survival of newborn neurons in the adult olfactory bulb. Eur. J. Neurosci. 22, 2863-2870.

23. Lemasson M, Saghatelyan A, Olivo-Marin JC & Lledo P-M. (2005). Neonatal and adult neurogenesis provide two distinct populations of granule cells in the mouse olfactory bulb. J. Neurosci. 25, 6816-6825.

24. Hack M, Saghatelyan A, de Chevigny A, Lledo P-M & Götz M. (2005). Neuronal fate determinants of adult olfactory bulb neurogenesis. Nat. Neurosci. 8, 865-871.

25. Saghatelyan A, Roux P, Migliore M, Rochefort C, Charneau P, Shepherd G & Lledo P-M. (2005). Activity-dependent adjustments of the inhibitory network in the adult olfactory bulb following early postnatal deprivation. Neuron 46, 103-116.

26. Davenne M, Custody C, Charneau P & Lledo P-M. (2005). In vivo imaging of migrating neurons in the mammalian forebrain. Chem. Senses 30, 115-116.

27. Lemasson M, Delbé C, Gheusi G & Lledo P-M. (2005). Use of ultrasonic vocalizations to assess olfactory detection in mouse pups treated with 3-methylindole. Behavioral Processes 68, 13-23.

28. Mechawar N, Saghatelyan A, Grailhe R, Lledo P-M & Changeux JP. (2004). Nicotinic receptors regulate the survival of newborn neurons in the adult olfactory bulb. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 101, 9822-9826.

29. Lagier S, Carleton A & Lledo P-M. (2004). Interplay between local GABAergic interneurons and relay neurons generates gamma oscillations in the rat olfactory bulb. J. Neurosci. 24, 4382-4392.

30. Saghatelyan A, DeChevigny A, Schachner M & Lledo P-M. (2004). Tenascin-R fosters radial migration of neuroblasts in the adult forebrain. Nat. Neurosci. 7, 347-356.

31. Carleton A, Petreanu L, Lansford R, Alvarez-Buylla A & Lledo P-M. (2003). Becoming a new neuron in the adult olfactory bulb. Nat. Neurosci. 6, 507-518.

32. Morantes-Oria J, Carleton A, Fairen A & Lledo P-M. (2003). Subpallial origin of a population of projecting pioneer neurons during corticogenesis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 100, 12468-12473.

33. Lledo P-M & Gheusi G (2003). Olfactory processing in a changing brain. Neuroreport 14, 1655-1663.

34. Rochefort C, Gheusi G, Vincent J-D & Lledo P-M. (2002). Enriched odor-exposure increases the number of newborn neurons in the adult olfactory bulb and improves odor memory. J. Neurosci. 22, 2679-2689.

35. Carleton A, Tremblay P, Vincent J-D & Lledo P-M. (2001). A dose-dependent PrP-mediated facilitation effect on excitatory synaptic transmission in the hippocampus. Eur. J. Physiol. 442 , 223-229.

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39. Franco R, Ferre S, Agnati L, Gines S, Hillion J, Casado V, Lledo P-M, Zoli M, Lluis C & Fuxe K. (2000). Evidence for Adenosine/Dopamine receptor interactions : Indications for heteromerization. Neuropsychopharmacol. 23, 50-59.

40. Cremer H, Chazal G, Lledo P-M, Rougon G, Montaron MF, Mayo W, Le Moal M & Abrous DN. (2000). PSA-NCAM: an important regulator of hippocampal plasticity. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 18, 213-220.

41. Gheusi G, Cremer H, McLean H, Vincent J-D & Lledo P-M. (2000). Importance of newly generated neurons in the adult olfactory bulb for odor discrimination. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 97, 1823-1828.

42. Salim H, Ferre S, Dalal A, Peterfreund RA, Fuxe K, Vincent J-D & Lledo P-M. (1999). Activation of adenosine A1 and A2a receptors modulates dopamine D2 receptor-induced responses in transfected neuroblastoma cells. J. Neurochem. 74, 432-439.

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Invited Chapters and Reviews

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