Kang Liu - Publications#

Prof Kang has published 10 books in Chinese (of which 3 in print), 4 in English/English translation.

English books and a selection of peer reviewed papers in English:

Liu, Kang, Images of Great Power: Essays on World Perceptions of China, Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Press, 2014. In Chinese

Liu, Kang, Cultural, Media, and Globalization, Nanjing: Nanjing University Press, 2006. In Chinese

Liu, Kang, Globalization and Cultural Trends in China, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2004. In English

Liu, Kang, Aesthetics and Marxism: Chinese Aesthetic Marxists and Their Western Contemporaries, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2000. In English

Liu, Kang and Li Xiguang, Demonizing China. Beijing: Chinese Social Sciences Press, 1996; Tai-Kung-Pao Publisher, Co., 1997 (Hong Kong edition); Chie-you Publishing, Co., 1997 (Taiwan edition). In Chinese. Named as a “national bestseller in 1997” by China Books Review, reviewed and commented by Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, CNN, and other U.S. media. The English translation of the book (abridged) is published as Demonizing China: A Critical Analysis of the U.S. Press, as a special issue of Contemporary Chinese Thought, 30. 2 (Winter 1998-99).

Liu Kang, and Xiaobing Tang, eds. Politics, Ideology, and Literary Discourse in Modern China. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1993. In English.


“How Do Asians View the Rise of China?” Principal author, with Yun-Han Chu, and Min-Hua Huang, in the Special Issue, “Rise of China: Asian Views and Assessments,” Journal of Contemporary China, (April 2015): 2-21.

“Maoism: Revolutionary Globalism for the Third World Revisited,” Comparative Literature Studies, Vol. 52, No. 1(2015):12-28.

“Interests, Values, and Geopolitics: The Global Public Opinion on China,” European Review, Vol.23, No.2 (2015):242-260.

“China Rise through World Public Opinion: Editorial Introduction”, Principal author with Yun-han Chu, “Rise of China: Asian Views and Assessments,” Journal of Contemporary China, (September 2014): 1-6.

“How Do Americans View the Rising China?” Third author, with John Aldrich, and Lie Lu, in the Special Issue, “Rise of China: Asian Views and Assessments,” Journal of Contemporary China, (September 2014):1-19.

“Frankfurt School and China: Questions of Culture, Aesthetics and Alternative Modernity in Western Marxism and Chinese Marxism,” Journal of Chinese Philosophy Vol. 40 Issue 3–4 (September–December 2013): 558–577.

"Introduction", Special Issue (editor), “China and the World: Literary Construction,” Comparative Literature Studies, Vol. 49, Issue 4 (2012): 497-504.

“Searching for a New Cultural Identity: China’s Soft Power and Media Culture Today,” Journal of Contemporary China, Vol. 21, Issue 78 (2012): 915-931.

"Dinner Party of Discourse Owners," Minnesota Review, 79 (2012): 113-136

“Poeticizing Revolution: Zizek’s Misreading of Mao and China,” Positions: East Asian Cultural Critique, Vol. 19, Issue 3 (2011): 627-651.

“Reinventing the ‘Red Classics’ in the age of globalization,” Neohelicon, Vol. 36, Issue 2 (2009): 143-150.

“The Short-Lived Avant-Garde: The Transformation of Yu Hua,” Modern Language Quarterly, 63.1 (March 2002): 8

Book chapters:

“Television and the Internet,” Kam Louie ed. The Cambridge Companion to Modern Chinese Culture, Cambridge University Press, 2007

“Emergent Globalism and Ideological Change in Post-revolutionary China” (in English) In Manfred B. Steger ed. Rethinking Globalism Lanham MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2003: 86-107.

"Internet in China - Emergent Cultural Formations and Contradictions" (in English) In David Li ed. Globalization and the Humanities, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2003:187-213.

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