Junguo Liu - Selected Publications#

Junguo Liu has published 234 scientific publications (including 167 ISI journal articles, 33 Chinese journal articles, 18 other journal or conference articles, and 13 books & chapters), and he has 10,432 citations and an H-Index of 51 (Google Scholar, accessed 19 June 2021). His representative publications are listed below:

1. Liu J., Williams J.R., Zehnder A.J.B., Yang H., 2007. GEPIC–modelling wheat yield and crop water productivity with high resolution on a global scale. Agricultural Systems 94(2): 478-493.

2. Liu J., You L.Z., Amini M., Obersteiner M., Herrero M., Zehnder A.J.B., Yang H. 2010. A high-resolution assessment on global nitrogen flows in cropland. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107(17): 8035-8040.

3. Liu J., Zang C., Tian S., Liu J., Yang H., Jia S., You L., Liu B., Zhang M., 2013. Water conservancy projects in China: achievements, challenges and way forward. Global Environmental Change 23(3): 633-643.

4. Liu Z., Guan D., Wei W., Davis S. J., Ciais P., Bai J., Peng S., Zhang Q., Hubacek K., Marland G., Andres R. J., Crawford-Brown D., Lin J., Zhao H., Hong C., Boden T. A., Feng K., Peters G. P., Xi F., Liu J., Li Y., Zhao Y., Zeng N., He K., 2015. Reduced carbon emission estimates from fossil fuel combustion and cement production in China. Nature 524 (7565): 335-338.

5. Zhao X., Liu J., Liu Q., Tillotson M.R., Guan D., Hubacek K., 2015. Physical and virtual water transfers for regional water stress alleviation in China. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(4): 1031-1035.

6. Palmer M.A., Liu J., Mattews J.H., Mumba M., D’Odorlco P., 2015. Manage water in a green way. Science 349 (6248): 584-585.

7. Liu J., Yang H., Gosling, S. N., Kummu, M., Flörke, M., Pfister, M., Hanasaki, N., Wada, Y., Zhang, X., Zheng, Y., Alcamo, J., Oki, T., 2017. Water scarcity assessments in the past, present, and future. Earth’s Future 5: 545-559.

8. Veldkamp T.I.E., Wada Y., Aerts J.C.J.H., Döll P., Gosling S.N., Liu J., Masaki Y., Oki T., Ostberg S., Pokhrel Y., Satoh Y., Kim H., Ward P.J., 2017. Water scarcity hotspots travel downstream due to human interventions in the 20th and 21st century. Nature Communications 8:15697.

9. Park C. E., Jeong S.J., Joshi M., Osborn T. J., Ho C.H., Piao S., Chen D., Liu J., Yang H., Park H., Kim B.M., Feng S., 2018. Keeping global warming within 1.5ºC restrains emergence of aridification. Nature Climate Change 8: 70–74.

10. Xu J., Morris P.J., Liu J., Holden J., 2018. PEATMAP: Refining estimates of global peatland distribution based on a meta-analysis. CATENA 160: 134-140.

11. Gann G.D., McDonald T., Walder B., Aronson J., Nelson C. R., Jonson J., Hallett J. G., Eisenberg C., Guariguata M. R., Liu J., Hua F., Echeverría C., Gonzales E., Shaw N., Decleer K., Dixon K.W., 2019. International principles and standards for the practice of ecological restoration. Second edition. Restoration Ecology 27 (S1): S1–S46.

12. Gudmundsson L., Boulange J., Do H.X., Gosling S.N., Grillakis M.G., Koutroulis A.G., Leonard, M., Liu J., Schmied, H.M., Papadimitriou L., Pokhrel Y., Seneviratne S.I., Satoh Y., Thiery W., Westra S., Zhang X., Zhao F., 2021. Globally observed trends in mean and extreme river flow attributed to climate change. Science 371: 1159-1162.

13. Liu J.*, Cui W., Tian Z., Jia J., 2021. Theory of stepwise ecological restoration. Chinese Science Bulletin 66 (9): 1014-1025 (in Chinese)
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