Hans-Peter Lipp - Selected Publications#

Gutnick T, Neef A, Cherninskyi A, Ziadi-Kunzli F, Di Cosmo A, Lipp H-P, Kuba M (2023) Recording electrical activity from the brain of behaving octopus. Curr Biol in press. First recording of neuronal activity from behaving octopus using neurologger developed in lab of applicant, who organized pilot studies and sponsored material and co-workers.

Blaser N, Guskov SI, Entin VA, Wolfer DP, Kanevskyi VA, Lipp HP (2014) Gravity anomalies without geomagnetic disturbances interfere with pigeon homing--a GPS tracking study. J Exp Biol 217:4057-4067. First experimental evidence supporting the gravity-vector theory of bird navigation - implying a potential non-electronic mechanism of global positions.

Blaser N, Dell’Omo G, Dell’Ariccia G, Wolfer DP, Lipp H-P (2013) Testing cognitive navigation in unknown territories: Homing pigeons choose different targets. J Exp Biol in pess. First demonstration that homing pigeons have a cognitive map used for navigation.

Daan S, Spoelstra K, Albrecht U, Schmutz I, Daan M, Daan B, Rienks F, Poletaeva I, Dell'Omo G, Vyssotksy AL, Lipp H-P (2011) Lab mice in the field: Unorthodox daily activity and effects of a dysfunctional circadian clock allele. J Biol Rhythms 26:118-129. First demonstration that genetically engineered mice and their controls behave differently in naturalistic environments.

Ben Abdallah NM, Slomianka L, Vyssotski AL, Lipp HP (2010) Early age-related changes in adult hippocampal neurogenesis in C57 mice. Neurobiol Aging 31:151-161. First paper showing that there is a rapid decay in adult neurogenesis in young-adult mice.

Vyssotski AL, Dell'Omo G, Dell'Ariccia G, Abramchuk AN, Serkov AN, Latanov AV, Loizzo A, Wolfer DP, Lipp H-P (2009) EEG in flying pigeons responds to familiar visual landmarks. Curr Biol 19:1-8. First paper combining systematically GPS trackers and neurologgers on flying birds.

Lipp HP, Vyssotski AL, Wolfer DP, Renaudineau S, Savini M, Tröster G, Dell'Omo G (2004) Pigeon homing along highways and exits. Curr Biol 14:1239-1249. First extensive GPS study demonstrating auxiliary mechanisms of pigeon homing.

Weimerskirch H, Bonnadonna F, Bailleul F, Mabille G, Dell'Omo G, Lipp H-P (2002) GPS tracking of foraging albatrosses. Science 295:1259. First scientific paper of large scale use with avian GPS trackers developed in the lab of the applicant.

Büeler H, Fischer M, Lang Y, Blüthmann H, Lipp H-P, DeArmond SJ, Prusiner SB, Aguet M, Weissmann C (1992) The neuronal cell surface protein prp is not essential for normal development and behavior of the mouse. Nature 356:577-582. Conducted an extensive behavioral analysis of these early knockout mice. Became a citation classic: more than 2000 citations till 2022. Continues to be cited.

Lipp H-P, Schwegler H, Driscoll P (1984) Postnatal modification of hippocampal circuitry alters avoidance learning in adult rats. Science 225:80-82. First demonstration of epigenetically induced variation of hippocampal mossy fibers entailing behavioral differences in adults.

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