Janusz S. Lipkowski - Curriculum Vitae#

  • M.Sc., 1965 - Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, Poland, Cum Laude
  • Ph.D., 1972 - Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAN, Warsaw, Poland under Prof. W. Kemula
  • D.Sc., 1983 - Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAN, Warsaw, Poland
  • Professor, 1990 - Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAN, Warsaw, Poland

  • 1972 Senior Research Assistant, the Institute as above
  • 1975-1976 Postdoctoral research position at the Center of' Structural Diffractometry of Italian National Research Council, Parma, Italy. Research performed with Professors G.D. Andreetti and M. Nardelli.
  • 1978 Head of the Department of Physicochemistry of Supramolecular Complexes (formerly: Physicochemical Method of Analysis) of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
  • 1983 Habilitation Chemistry (Dr.hab.), the Institute as above
  • 1984 Promoted to Associate Professor
  • l984(Summer)Sabbatical Leave with Professor T. Iwamoto, the University of Tokyo, Japan
  • 1986 Deputy Director for Research, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
  • 1990 Promoted to Professor
  • 1992-2003 Director, Institute as above
  • 2003-2006 vice-President of Polish Academy of Sciences


Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies
  • Polish Academy of Sciences (corr. member since 1998, vice-President in the 2003-2006 year term)
  • Polish Chemical Society (since 1970)
  • Society for Propagation and Promotion of Sciences (1990)
  • Societas Scientiarium Varsoviensis (member correspondent since 1992, full member since 2002, chairman of the *Division of Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences 2002-2007), President since December 2007
  • Committee of Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Chairman (2007-10), deputy chairman in the terms 1991-1994,1995-1998, 1999-2002
  • Commission on Structure Analysis, Committee of Crystallography, Polish Academy of Sciences, Chairman, 2007-10
  • American Crystallographic Association (since 1993)
  • American Chemical Society (since 1999)
  • British Crystallographic Association (since 1999)
  • European Crystallographic Association (since 1999)
  • World Innovation Foundation (Fellow, since 2006).
  • Honorary Doctor, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia (1997)
  • Honorary Professor, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2001)
  • Honorary Member, Academy of Sciences of Moldova (2006).
  • Regional Editor, Journal of Coordination Chemistry, Section B, (Gordon & Breach)
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Molecular Recognition in Chemistry (Kluwer)
  • International Advisory Committee, Supramolecular Chemistry, (Gordon & Breach)
  • International Advisory Committee, Journal of Chemical Crystallography, (Plenum Press)
  • Editorial Board, Crystal Engineering (Pergamon)
  • Advisory Board, Wiadomości Chemiczne (Polish Chemical Society)
  • International Board, Journal of Supramolecular Chemistry (Elsevier)
  • Editorial Board, Moldavian Journal of Physical Sciences
  • Editorial Board, Chemia Analityczna (Warsaw)
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Chemistry of Moldova.
  • International Advisory Committee, Inclusion Phenomena and Molecular Recognition Symposium Series
  • International Advisory Committee, International Summer School on Supramolecular Chemistry (series since 1990)
  • International Advisory Committee, International Seminars on Supramolecular Chemistry (series since 1987).
  • Organizer, 1st International Symposium on Clathrate Compounds and Molecular Recognition Phenomena, Warsaw 1980
  • Organizer, III rd Polish National Conference on Chromatography Warsaw, 1987
  • Organizer, VII th Polish School of Crystallography, 1987
  • Organizer, International Seminar on Inclusion Compounds, 1987
  • co-Organizer, VIII th Danube Symposium on Chromatography,
Warsaw, 1991
  • co-Organizer, Polish School on Supramolecular Chemistry, 1990
  • co-Organizer, International Summer School on Supramolecular Chemistry, 1993
  • co-Organizer, 22nd Crystallographic Course - NATO Advanced Study Institute - Crystallography of Supramolecular Compounds, Erice, 1995
  • co-Organizer, International Summer School on Supramolecular Chemistry, Ustroñ, 1996
Organizer, 10 th International Symposium on Molecular Recognition and Inclusion, Warsaw 1998
  • Co-Organizer, NATO Advanced Research Workshop, “Molecular and Structural Archaeology), 2002
  • Co-Organizer, International Seminar on Inclusion Compounds, (Kazan, Russia), 2005
  • Co-Organizer, the series of Polish-Ukrainian-Moldavian microsymposia on supramolecular chemistry (Warsaw, Kiev, Kishinev), 1993-2005, biannually
  • Co-chairman, XVth Conference on Physical Methods in Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry, Kishinev, 2006.

  • Number of papers in refereed journals: 305 (updated 2010)
  • Number of communications to scientific meetings: 450 (updated 2009)

Books: (chapters in): 9

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