Øystein Linnebo - Selected publications#


Thin Objects: An Abstractionist Account, Forthcoming, Oxford University Press

Philosophy of Mathematics. Under contract with Princeton University Press


J25. “Response to Florio and Shapiro” (with Agustín Rayo), Mind 123 (2014), 175-181

J24. “Rayo on ‘Just Is’-Statements”, Inquiry 57:4 (2014), 466-482

J23. “On“Two Types of Abstraction for Structuralism” (with Richard Pettigrew), Philosophical Quarterly (2014)

J22. “On Witness Discernibility of Elementary Particles” (with Fred Muller), Erkenntnis 78 (2013), 1133-1142.

J21. “Entanglement and Non-Factorizability” (with Tomasz Bigaj and James Ladyman), Studies
in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 44 (2013), 215-221

J20. “The Potential Hierarchy of Sets”, Review of Symbolic Logic 6:2 (2013), 205-28

J19. “Hierarchies Ontological and Ideological” (with Agustín Rayo), Mind 121 (2012): 269-308

J18. “Reference by Abstraction”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 112:1 (2012), 45-71

J15. “Category Theory as an Autonomous Foundation” (with Richard Pettigrew), Philosophia
Mathematica 19:3 (2011), 227-254

J13. “Pluralities and Sets,”
Journal of Philosophy 107:3 (2010), 144-164

J9. “Superplurals in English” (with David Nicolas), Analysis 68:3 (2008), 186-97
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