Francine-Dominique Liechtenhan - Biography#

LIECHTENHAN, Francine-Dominique is a first class research director at the CNRS (DR1).

She has a doctorate in literature from the University of Basel (1988) and is qualified to direct research in history (HDR, Sorbonne University, 1996). Master's degree in history (modern and contemporary), Slavic philology and French philology (University of Basel, 1981). Qualified by the Conseil National des Universités in History (22nd section) and Slavic Studies (13th section).

Languages: French, German (bilingual), English, Russian. Passive or medium knowledge of: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Serbian. Other: Latin, Slavonic.

Experience in higher education in France, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. Principal organiser of 15 international conferences, all published. Director of the "Blanc" project subsidized by the National Research Agency on "The French in Russian scientific and intellectual life, XVIII-XX centuries" (2009-2013). President of the EURUS research group, specialised in the history of relations between Russia and Europe (Centre Roland Mousnier, Sorbonne University). Member of the Doctoral School II of the Sorbonne University (Paris IV, with direction of theses and masters) and member of the commission in charge of recruitment and promotion of the board of the 33rd section of the CNRS (College A), modern and contemporary worlds.

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