Leonid Libkin - Selected Publications#

L. Libkin: Elements of Finite Model Theory, Springer, 2004.

M. Arenas, P. Barcelo, L. Libkin, and F. Murlak: Foundations of Data Exchange, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

S. Amano, C. David, L. Libkin, F. Murlak.
XML schema mappings: data exchange and metadata management.
Journal of the ACM, 61 (2) (2014), 1-80.

P. Barcelo, L. Libkin, J. Reutter. Querying regular graph patterns.
Journal of the ACM, 61 (1) (2014), 1-53.

A. Gheerbrant, L. Libkin, C. Sirangelo.
Naive Evaluation of Queries over Incomplete Databases.
ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 39 (2014), 1-42

P. Barcelo, L. Libkin, A. W. Lin, P. Wood:
Expressive languages for path queries over graph-structured data.
ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 37 (4) (2012), 1-46.

A. Hernich, L. Libkin, N. Schweikardt:
Closed world data exchange.
ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 36 (2) (2011), 1-40.

P. Barcelo, L. Libkin, A. Poggi, C. Sirangelo:
XML with incomplete information,
Journal of the ACM, 58 (1) (2010).

M. Arenas, L. Libkin:
An information-theoretic approach to normal forms for relational and XML data,
Journal of the ACM, 52 (2005), 246-283

L. Libkin.
Expressive power of SQL.
Theoretical Computer Science, 296 (2003), 379-404

W. Fan, L. Libkin:
On XML integrity constraints in the presence of DTDs.
Journal of the ACM, 49 (2002), 368-406

L. Hella, L. Libkin, J. Nurmonen, L. Wong.
Logics with aggregate operators.
Journal of the ACM, 48 (2001), 880-907

L. Libkin.
Logics with counting and local properties.
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, 1 (2000), 33-59

M. Benedikt, G. Dong, L. Libkin, L. Wong:
Relational expressive power of constraint query languages
Journal of the ACM, 45 (1998), 1-34.

Leonid Libkin authored 5 books and close to 200 technical papers, including 10 papers in Journal of the ACM, which, according to its charter covers "the most significant work on principles of computer science. To be accepted, a paper must be judged to be truly outstanding in its field." He has had over 30 papers in ACM PODS, the top conference in foundations of data management. He published extensively in LICS, the top conference on logic in computer science, in ACM Transactions on Database Systems and on Computational Languages, and many other highly ranked conferences and journals including SICOMP, JCSS, TCS, Information & Computation, LMCS, ICDT, SIGMOD, STACS, ICALP.

Many of his papers, particularly on expressiveness of real life languages, on embedded finite models, on static analysis of XML, on normalization, on data exchange, on locality of logics became standard references, and are often used in courses. According to Google scholar, his papers gathered over 7400 citations, and his h-index is 44.
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