Wei Li - Selected Publications#


[1] Wei Li. Mathematical Logic: Foundations for Information Science, Birkhäuser/Springer, Basel, 2010
["There would be practically nothing to say about the book, except that it is an excellent book ..." - from Mathematical Reviews.]

Representative papers in mathematical logic and programming languages

[2] Wei Li. An open logic system, Science in China Series A - Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy & Technological Science 36(3), 362-375, 1993

[3] Wei Li. A logical framework for evolution of specifications, European Symposium on Programming, 394-408. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1994

[4] Wei Li. R-calculus: an inference system for belief revision, The Computer Journal 50(4), 378-390, 2007

[5] Wei Li. Logical verification of scientific discovery, Science China Information Sciences 53(4), 677-684, 2010
[This work was recognized by an invited talk at IJCAI 2013.]

Representative papers in artificial intelligence and software science

[6] Ke Xu and Wei Li. Exact phase transitions in random constraint satisfaction problems, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 12, 93-103, 1999

[7] Ke Xu and Wei Li. Many hard examples in exact phase transitions, Theoretical Computer Science 355(3), 291-302, 2006
[The model proposed in these two papers has been referred to as Xu-Li Model and studied and compared with other models in the literature. The two papers have over 300 citations according to Google Scholar.]

[8] Zhiming Zheng, Shilong Ma, and Wei Li. Dynamical characteristics of software trustworthiness and their evolutionary complexity, Science in China Series F: Information Sciences 52(8), 1328-1334, 2009

[9] Wei Li and Bo Lang. A tetrahedral data model for unstructured data management, Science China Information Sciences 53(8), 1497-1510, 2010

[10] Wenjun Wu, Wei-Tek Tsai, and Wei Li. An evaluation framework for software crowdsourcing, Frontiers of Computer Science 7(5) , 694-709, 2013

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