Simon Levin - Curriculum Vitae#

  • 1961 B.A. The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Mathematics
  • 1964 Ph.D. The University of Maryland Mathematics

Current professional positions:

James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research areas:

Theoretical Biology; Ecology; Evolution; Mathematics; Environmental and ecological economics; and Mathematical epidemiology

Project and grants:

1. RAPID: Modeling and Analytics for COVID-19 Outbreak Response in India: A multi-institutional, US-India joint collaborative effort National Science Foundation via University of Virginia Current $75,000 Jul-21

2. Virtual Organization for Computing Research in Pandemic Preparedness and Resilience (PREPARE) National Science Foundation via University of Virginia Current $125,606 Oct-20

3. Collaborative Research: Consequences of environmental stochasticity for the spatial dynamics of savanna-forest transitions National Science Foundation Current $623,392 Jul-20

4. Expeditions: Collaborative Research: Global Pervasive Computational Epidemiology National Science Foundation Current $413,568 Apr-20

5. Feeding the World in 2020/Resilience, Adaptation, and Systemic Risk PU Dean for Research/HMEI/Stockholm Resilience Ctr Current $1,321,518 Aug-19

6. Individual Behavior and Infectious Disease James S. McDonnell Foundation Current $540,984 Oct-18

7. Convergence: RAISE: Linking the Adaptive Dynamics of Plankton with Emergent Global Ocean Biochemistry National Science Foundation via UC-Irvine Current $217,054 Sep-18

8. Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System (CIMES) - TASK III - Dynamic Elemental Stoichiometry in COBALT U.S. DOC - Natl Oceanic & Atmos Admin Current $137,482 Jul-18

9. Dialogues in Complexity Arizona State University Current $349,401 Jul-18

10. Resilience and Robustness in Ecological Distributed Decision-Making Dynamics Army Research Office - NC Current $981,900

Student supervision:

Total 73 PhD students (+ currently 10), and 112 postdocs. 

Major awards:


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