Ludwik Leibler - Selected publications#

[1] A. Prevoteau, C. Soulié-Ziakovic, and L. Leibler,
“Universally Dispersible Carbon Nanotubes,”
Am. Chem. Soc., vol. 134, no. 49, pp. 19961–19964, Dec. 2012.

[2] K. Harano, T. Homma, Y. Niimi, M. Koshino, K. Suenaga, L. Leibler, and E. Nakamura,
“Heterogeneous nucleation of organic crystals mediated by single-molecule templates,”
Nat Mater, vol. 11, no. 10, pp. 877–881, Sep. 2012.

[3] D. Montarnal, M. Capelot, F. Tournilhac, and L. Leibler,
“Silica-Like Malleable Materials from Permanent Organic Networks,”
Science, vol. 334, no. 6058, pp. 965–968, Nov. 2011

[4] P. Cordier, F. Tournilhac, C. Soulié-Ziakovic, and L. Leibler,
“Self-healing and thermoreversible rubber from supramolecular assembly,”
Nature, vol. 451, no. 7181, pp. 977–980, Feb. 2008.

[5] A.-V. Ruzette and L. Leibler,
“Block copolymers in tomorrow's plastics,”
Nat Mater, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 19–31, 2005.

[6] Y. Tsori, F. Tournilhac, and L. Leibler,
“Demixing in simple fluids induced by electric field gradients,”
Nature, vol. 430, no. 6999, pp. 544–547, 2004.

[7] H. Pernot, M. Baumert, F. Court, and L. Leibler,
“Design and properties of co-continuous nanostructured polymers by reactive blending,”
Nat Mater, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 54–58, Sep. 2002.

[8] T. Goldacker, V. Abetz, R. Stadler, I. Erukhimovich, and L. Leibler,
“Non-centrosymmetric superlattices in block copolymer blends,”
Nature, vol. 398, no. 6723, pp. 137–139, 1999.

This paper reports the first realization of a longitudinal ferroelectric.

[9] G. de Crevoisier, P. Fabre, J.-M. Corpart, and L. Leibler,
“Switchable tackiness and wettability of a liquid crystalline polymer,”
Science, vol. 285, no. 5431, pp. 1246–1249, 1999.

[10] L. Leibler,
“Theory of Microphase Separation in Block Copolymers,”
Macromolecules, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 1602–1617, Nov. 1980.
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