Thomas Lecuit - Selected publications#

1. Septins promote F-actin ring formation by crosslinking actin filaments into curved bundles.
Mavrakis M, Azou-Gros Y, Tsai FC, Alvarado J, Bertin A, Iv F, Kress A, Brasselet S, Koenderink GH, Lecuit T. Nature Cell Biology. 2014 Apr;16(4):322-34 (2 citations)

2. Oscillation and polarity of E-cadherin asymmetries control actomyosin flow patterns during morphogenesis
Levayer, R and Lecuit T. Developmental Cell. 2013, Jul 29 ; 26(2):162-75. (12 citations)

3. Adhesion disengagement uncouples intrinsic and extrinsic forces to drive cytokinesis in epithelial tissues.
Guillot C, Lecuit T. Developmental Cell. 2013 Feb 11;24(3):227-41. (14 citations)

4. Spatial regulation of Dia and Myosin-II by RhoGEF2 controls initiation of E-cadherin endocytosis during epithelial morphogenesis. Levayer, R., Pelissier, A. and Lecuit, T. Nature Cell Biology 2011, May. 13(5):529-40. (68 citations)

5. Planar polarized actomyosin contractile flows control epithelial junction remodelling.
Rauzi, M., Lenne PF., and Lecuit, T. Nature 2010. (Dec 23) 468(7327):1110-4. (138 citations)

6. Cavey, M., Rauzi, M., Lenne, P-F. and Lecuit, T. A two-tiered mechanism for stabilization and immobilization of E-cadherin. Nature. 2008. 453(7196): 751-6. (225 citations)

7. Rauzi, M., Verant, P., Lecuit, T. and Lenne, PF. Nature and anisotropy of cortical forces orienting Drosophila tissue morphogenesis. Nature Cell Biology 2008 Dec;10(12):1401-10. (210 citations)

8. Lecuit T and Lenne PF : Cell surface mechanics and the control of cell shape, tissue patterns and morphogenesis.
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology. 2007 8(8):633-44. Review (454 citations)

9. Pilot F, Philippe JM, Lemmers C, Lecuit T.
Spatial control of actin organization at adherens junctions by the synaptotagmin like protein Btsz.
Nature. 2006 Epub July 9. (95 citations)

10. Bertet C, Sulak L, Lecuit T. Myosin-dependent junction remodelling controls planar cell intercalation and axis elongation. Nature. 2004 Jun 10;429(6992):667-71. (370 citations)
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