Gilles Laurent - Selected Publications#

Shein-Idelson M, Pammer L, Hemberger M and Laurent G (2017) "Large-scale mapping of cortical synaptic projections with extracellular electrode arrays".
Nature Methods 10.1038/nmeth.4393

Shein-Idelson M, Ondracek JM, Liaw H-P, Reiter S and Laurent G (2016) “Slow waves, sharp waves, ripples and REM in sleeping dragons.”
Science 352: 590-595.

Huston S, Stopfer M, Cassenar S, Aldworth Z and Laurent G (2015) “Neural encoding of odors during active sampling and in turbulent plumes.”
Neuron 88: 1-16.

Shen K, Tootoonian S and Laurent G (2013) “Encoding of mixtures in a simple olfactory system.”
Neuron 80: 1246-1262.

Cassenaer S and Laurent G (2012) ”Conditional modulation of spike-timing-dependent plasticity for olfactory learning.”
Nature 482: 47-52.

Papadopoulou M, Cassenaer S, Nowotny T and Laurent G (2011) "Normalization for sparse encoding of odors by a wide-field interneuron."
Science 332: 721-5.

Geffen MN, Broome BM, Laurent G and Meister M (2009) "Neural encoding of rapidly fluctuating odors."
Neuron 61: 570–86.

Murthy M, Fiete IR and Laurent G (2008) “Testing odor response stereotypy in the Drosophila mushroom body.”
Neuron 59: 1009-23.

Rabinovich M, Huerta R and Laurent G (2008) “Neuroscience. Transient dynamics for neural processing.”
Science 321: 48-50.

Cassenaer S and Laurent G (2007) “Hebbian STDP in mushroom bodies facilitates the synchronous flow of olfactory information in locusts.”
Nature 448: 709-13.

Broome BM, Jayaraman V and Laurent G (2006) “Encoding and decoding of overlapping odor sequences.”
Neuron 51: 467-82.

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