Terence G. Langdon - Selected publications#

  • Total number of publications in peer-reviewed ISI journals: >900
  • Total number of books (authored or edited): 10
  • Total numbers of citations received to date: >34,000
  • Ranked by ISI as #3 world-wide for total numbers of High Impact Papers published in Materials Science during the period 1981-2001 (High Impact Papers defined as the 200 most cited papers in Materials Science for each separate year).
  • Ranked by ISI as #2 world-wide out of 3123 materials scientists for publishing in Materials Science based on numbers of citations received for papers published during the 11-year period from January 1996 to December 2006.
  • Listed by Thomson Reuters/ISI in the 2014 Highly Cited Researchers List based on citations received for publications during the 11-year period from January 2002 to December 2012 (http://www.highlycited.com).
  • Complete list of publications and citations
  • Value of h-index on ISI Web of Science in August 2014: 94
  • Listed on Google Scholar in August 2014 with >41,000 citations and h = 98

For the following publications, the current citation numbers from ISI Web of Science in August 2014 are given in brackets:

[1] R.Z. Valiev and T.G. Langdon, “Principles of Equal-Channel Angular Pressing as a Processing Tool for Grain Refinement,” Progress in Materials Science 51, 881-981 (2006). This paper was designated “Most Cited Paper in Materials Science for 2005-2008” by Elsevier Publishing. An interview podcast about this paper was prepared by ISI and installed on the ISI Science Watch website in January 2010; the podcast is available at http://www.in-cites.com/media/podcasts/Langdon.mp3. (1489 citations)

[2] Y. Iwahashi, J. Wang, Z. Horita, M. Nemoto and T.G. Langdon, "Principle of Equal-Channel Angular Pressing for the Processing of Ultra-Fine Grained Materials," Scripta Materialia 35, 143-146 (1996). (1228 citations)

[3] A.P. Zhilyaev and T.G. Langdon, “Using High-Pressure Torsion for Metal Processing: Fundamentals and Applications,” Progress in Materials Science 53, 893-979 (2008). (629 citations)

[4] R.Z. Valiev, Y. Estrin, Z. Horita, T.G. Langdon, M.J. Zehetbauer and Y.T. Zhu, "Producing Bulk Ultrafine-Grained Materials by Severe Plastic Deformation," JOM 58(4), 33-39 (2006). (546 citations)

[5] A. Yamashita, Z. Horita and T.G. Langdon, “Improving the Mechanical Properties of Magnesium and a Magnesium Alloy through Severe Plastic Deformation,” Materials Science and Engineering A300, 142-147 (2001). (369 citations)

[6] A.P. Zhilyaev, G.V. Nurislamova, B.-K. Kim, M.D. Baro, J.A. Szpunar and T.G. Langdon, “Experimental Parameters Influencing Grain Refinement and Microstructural Evolution During High-Pressure Torsion,” Acta Materialia 51, 753-765 (2003). (353 citations)

[7] C. Xu, Z. Horita and T.G. Langdon, “The Evolution of Homogeneity in Processing by High- Pressure Torsion,” Acta Materialia 55, 203-212 (2007). (173 citations)

[8] T.G. Langdon, “The Principles of Grain Refinement in Equal-Channel Angular Pressing,” Materials Science and Engineering, A462, 3-11 (2007). (134citations)

[9] M. Kawasaki, R.B. Figueiredo and T.G. Langdon, "Microstructural Evolution in a Two-Phase Alloy Processed by High-Pressure Torsion," Acta Materialia 59, 308-316 (2011). (52 citations)

[10] R.B. Figueiredo, P.H.R. Pereira, M.T.P. Aguilar, P.R. Cetlin and T.G. Langdon, "Using Finite Element Modeling to Examine the Temperature Distribution in Quasi-Constrained High-Pressure Torsion," Acta Materialia 60, 3190-3198 (2012). (48 citations)
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