Eric Lambin - Major publications#

LAMBIN E.F. and STRAHLER A., 1994. Multitemporal change-vector analysis: A tool to detect and categorise land-cover change processes using high temporal resolution satellite data, Remote Sensing of Environment, vol.48, pp.231-244. [129 citations]

LAMBIN E.F. and EHRLICH D., 1997. Land-cover changes in sub-Saharan Africa (1982-1991): Application of a change index based on remotely-sensed surface temperature and vegetation indices at a continental scale, Remote Sensing of Environment, vol.61, nr.2, pp.181-200. [182 citations]

These two papers were pioneer studies integrating remote sensing and socio-economic data to understand human-environment interactions in Africa:

MERTENS B. and LAMBIN 2000. Land-cover change trajectories in southern Cameroon, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, September issue, vol.90, nr.3, pp.467—494. [199 citations]

K. HOMEWOOD, E.F. LAMBIN, E. COAST, A. KARIUKI, I. KIKULA, J. KIVALlA, M. SAID, S. SERNEELS, M. THOMPSON. 200l. Long-term changes in Serengeti-Mara wildebbest and land cover: pastoralism, population or policies? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 98, nr. 22, Octobre 23, 2001, pp.l2544-l2549 + cover story. [142 citations]

The first of these two papers proposed new ideas to model land-use change and the second one developed a land-use change model for the African Sahel:

LAMBIN E., 1997. Modelling and monitoring land-cover change processes in tropical regions, Progress in Physical Geography, vol.21, nr.3, pp.375-393. [111 citations]

STEPHENNE N. and LAMBIN E.F., 2001. A dynamic simulation model of land-use changes in the Anican Sahel (SALU). Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, vol. 85, nr.1-3, pp.145—162, [140 citations]

These two highly-cited papers present syntheses on the causes of land-use changes:

LAMBIN E.F., Turner Il B.L., Geist H., Agbola S., Angelsen A., Bruce .l.W., Coomes O., Dirzo R., Fischer G., Folke C., George P.S., Homewood K., Imbernon J., Leemans R., Li X., Moran E.F. Mortimore M., Ramakrishnan P.S., Richards J.F., Skanes H., Steffen W., Stone G.D., Svedin U., Veldkainp T., Vogel C., Xu J., 2001. The Causes of Land—Use and —Cover Change : Moving beyond the Myths. Global Environmental Change. Vol. ll, pp.26l-269. [1239 citations]

GEIST H. and LAMBIN E.F., 2002. Proximate causes and underlying driving forces of tropical deforestation. Bioscience, Vol. 52, Nr.2, pp.143-150. [1213 citations]

These three papers represent the new research directions of Eric Lambin on: (l) land-use transitions and (ii) modelling the impact of land change on vector-borne diseases:

Lambin E.F. and Meyfroidt P. Land use transitions: Ecological feedback versus exogenous socio-economic dynamics, Land Use Policy, in press (available on-line)

Meytioidt P. and Lambin E.F., Forest transition in Vietnam and displacement of wood extraction abroad. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in press (available on-line)

Linard C., Poncon N., Fontenille D. and Lamloin E.F. 2008. A multi-agent simulation to assess the risk of malaria re-emergence in southern France, Ecological Modelling in press (available on-line)

The latest paper, with many authors but published in "Nature". . .:

Rockström J., Steffen W., Noone K., Persson A., Chapin F. S.III, Lambin E.F., Lenten T.M., Schaffer M., Folke C., Schellnhuber J., Nykvist B., de Wit C., Hughes T., van der Leeuw S., Rodhe H., Sörlin S., Costanza R., Svedin U., Falkenmark M., Corell R., FabryV., Hansen J., Walker B., Liverman D., Richardson K., Crutzen P., Foley J. 2009. A safe operating space for humanity, Nature, Vol. 461, no. 24, pp. 472-475.

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