Michel Labouesse - Selected Publications#

1. Legouis, R., Gansmuller, A., Sookhareea, S., Bosher, J. M., Baillie, D. L. & Labouesse, M. (2000) LET-413 is a basolateral protein required for the assembly of adherens junctions in C. elegans. Nat Cell Biol 2: 415-422. (N&V dans NCB et JCB).

2. Michaux, G., Gansmuller, A. Hindelang, C. & Labouesse, M. (2000) CHE-14 is a sterol-sensing domain protein involved in exocytosis at the apical membrane of epithelial cells in C. elegans. Current Biology 10: 1098-1107. (N&V in Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol).

3. # Bosher, J. M., Hahn, B.-S., Legouis, R., Sookhareea, S., Weiner, R., Gansmuller, A., Chisholm, A., Rose, A., Bessereau, J.L. and Labouesse, M. (2003). C. elegans vab-10 encodes Plectin-like and MACF-like isoforms with functions in epidermal mechanical strength. J. Cell Biol 161: 757-768. (N&V dans JCB).

4. Liégeois, S*., Benedetto, A*, Garnier, J.M., Schwab, Y. and Labouesse, M. (2005) Liégeois, S., Benedetto, A,, Garnier, J.M., Schwab, Y. and Labouesse, M. (2006) The V0 ATPase mediates apical secretion of Hedgehog-related proteins through exosomes. J. Cell Biol 173: 949-961. (* co-first). (rated Must Read by F1000).

5. Gally C, Wissler F, Zahreddine H, Quintin S, Landmann F, Labouesse M (2009). Myosin II regulation during C. elegans embryonic elongation: LET-502/ROCK, MRCK-1 and PAK-1, three kinases with different roles. Development 136:3109-19. (Makes the cover of the issue).

6. Ciarletta, P., Ben Amar, M., and Labouesse, M. (2009) Continuum model of epithelial morphogenesis during C. elegans embryonic elongation. Philos Transact A Math Phys Eng Sci. 367: 3379-400.

7. Zahreddine H*, Zhang H*, Diogon M, Nagamatsu Y, Labouesse M (2010) CRT-1/calreticulin and the E3 ligase EEL-1/HUWE1 control hemidesmosome maturation in C. elegans development. Curr Biol 20: 322-327. (* co-first authors).

8. Zhang H, Landmann F, Zahreddine H, Rodriguez D, Koch M, Labouesse M (2011) A tension-induced mechanotransduction pathway promotes epithelial morphogenesis. Nature, 471: 99-103.

9. Kolotuev, I, Hyenne V, Schwab Y, Rodriguez D, Labouesse M (2013). A pathway for unicellular tube extension depending on the lymphatic vessel determinant Prox1 and on osmoregulation. Nat Cell Biol 15: 157–168. (N&V in same issue).

10. 1. Hyenne V, Apaydin A, Rodriguez D, Spiegelhalter C, Hoff-Yoessle S, Diem M, Tak S, Lefebvre O, Schwab Y, Goetz J, Labouesse M (2015). RAL-1 controls MVB biogenesis and exosome secretion. J Cell Biol, 211: 27-37. (Biobyte interview in the same issue).
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