Reinhard Lührmann - Selected publications#

  • Mozaffari-Jovin S, Wandersleben T, Santos KF, Will CL, Lührmann R, and Wahl MC (2013) Inhibition of RNA helicase Brr2 by the C-terminal tail of the spliceosomal protein Prp8. Science 341, 80-84
  • Anokhina M, Bessonov S, Westhof E, Hartmuth K, and Lührmann R (2013) RNA structure analysis in human spliceosomes reveals a compact 3D arrangement of snRNAs at the catalytic core. EMBO J 32, 2804-2818
  • Golas MM, Sander B, Bessonov S, Grote M, Wolf E, Kastner B, Stark H, Lührmann R (2010) 3D Cryo-EM structure of an active step 1 spliceosome and localization of its catalytic core. Mol Cell 40, 927-938.
  • Wahl MC, Will CL, Lührmann R (2009) The spliceosome: design principles of a dynamic RNP machine. Cell 136, 701-718.
  • Warkocki Z, Odenwälder P, Schmitzova J, Platzmann F, Stark H, Urlaub H, Ficner R, Fabrizio P, Lührmann R (2009) Reconstitution of both steps of S. cerevisiae splicing with purified spliceosomal components. Nature Struct Mol Biol 16, 1237-1243.

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