Marek Kwiek - Selected Publications#

1. Monograph: Kwiek, Marek (2019), Changing European Academics: A Comparative Study of Social Stratification, Work Patterns and Research Productivity, London and New York: Routledge, 274 pp., ISBN 9780815396482

2. Kwiek, Marek (2021). The Prestige Economy of Higher Education Journals: A Quantitative Approach. Higher Education. 81, pp. 493–519.

3. Kwiek, Marek & Roszka, Wojciech (2021). Gender-based homophily in research: A large-scale study of man-woman collaboration, Journal of Informetrics, 15(3), 101171, pp. 1-28,

4. Kwiek, Marek & Roszka, Wojciech (2020). Gender Disparities in International Research Collaboration: A Large-scale Bibliometric Study of 25,000 University Professors. Journal of Economic Surveys. On-line first. 1-37.

5. Kwiek, Marek (2020). Internationalists and Locals: International Research Collaboration in a Resource-Poor System. Scientometrics. 124, pp. 57–105.

6. Kwiek, Marek (2020). What Large-Scale Publication and Citation Data Tell Us About International Research Collaboration in Europe: Changing National Patterns in Global Contexts. Studies in Higher Education. Vol. 45. On-line first April 10, 2020, pp. 1-21.

7. Kwiek, Marek (2018). Academic top earners. Research productivity, prestige generation, and salary patterns in European universities. Science and Public Policy. 45(1), pp. 1-13.

8. Kwiek, Marek (2018). International Research Collaboration and International Research Orientation: Comparative Findings About European Academics. Journal of Studies in International Education. 22(2), pp. 136-160.

9. Kwiek, Marek (2017). De-privatization in Higher Education: A Conceptual Approach. Higher Education. 74, pp. 259–281.

10. Kwiek, Marek (2016). The European research elite: A cross-national study of highly productive academics in 11 countries. Higher Education. 71(3), pp. 379-397.

11. Kwiek, Marek (2015). Academic generations and academic work: Patterns of attitudes, behaviors and research productivity of Polish academics after 1989. Studies in Higher Education, 40(8), pp. 1354-1376.

12. Kwiek, Marek (2015). The Internationalization of Research in Europe. A Quantitative Study of 11 National Systems from a Micro-Level Perspective. Journal of Studies in International Education, 19(2), pp. 341-359.

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