Ulrike Kutay - Selected publications#

h-index: 37

1. Turgay, Y., Champion, L., Balazs, C., Held, M., Toso, A., Gerlich, D.W., Meraldi, P., and Kutay, U. (2014). SUN proteins facilitate the removal of membranes from chromatin during nuclear envelope breakdown. J Cell Biol 204, 1099-1109.

2. Wandke, C., and Kutay, U. (2013). Enclosing chromatin: reassembly of the nucleus after open mitosis. Cell 152, 1222-1225.

3. Sosa, B.A., Rothballer, A., Kutay, U., and Schwartz, T.U. (2012). LINC complexes form by binding of three KASH peptides to domain interfaces of trimeric SUN proteins. Cell 149, 1035-1047.

4. Laurell, E., Beck, K., Krupina, K., Theerthagiri, G., Bodenmiller, B., Horvath, P., Aebersold, R., Antonin, W., and Kutay, U. (2011). Phosphorylation of Nup98 by multiple kinases is crucial for NPC disassembly during mitotic entry. Cell 144, 539-550.

5. Wild, T., Horvath, P., Wyler, E., Widmann, B., Badertscher, L., Zemp, I., Kozak, K., Csucs, G., Lund, E., and Kutay, U. (2010). A protein inventory of human ribosome biogenesis reveals an essential function of exportin 5 in 60S subunit export. PLoS Biol 8, e1000522.

6. Guttinger, S., Laurell, E., and Kutay, U. (2009). Orchestrating nuclear envelope disassembly and reassembly during mitosis. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 10, 178-191.

7. Zemp, I., Wild, T., O'Donohue, M.F., Wandrey, F., Widmann, B., Gleizes, P.E., and Kutay, U. (2009). Distinct cytoplasmic maturation steps of 40S ribosomal subunit precursors require hRio2. J Cell Biol 185, 1167-1180.

8. Lund E., Guttinger, S., Calado, A., Dahlberg, J.E., and Kutay, U. (2004). Nuclear export of microRNA precursors. Science 303, 95-98.

9. Gorlich, D., and Kutay, U. (1999). Transport between the cell nucleus and the cytoplasm. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol 15, 607-660.

10. Kutay, U., Bischoff, F.R., Kostka, S., Kraft, R., and Gorlich, D. (1997). Export of importin alpha from the nucleus is mediated by a specific nuclear transport factor. Cell 90, 1061-1071.
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