Sven Kullander - Selected publications#

Quasi free proton - proton scattering in light nuclei at 460 MeV, Nucl. Phys. 79(1966)321

Information about the nucleon - isobar content of helium from 5 GeV pion - helium interactions, Phys. Lett. 81B(1979)308

Trigger and measurement system for small-angle scattering., Nucl. Instr. Meth. A251(1986)437

Shadowing in deep inelastic muon scattering from nuclear targets., Phys. Lett 211 B (1988) 493

Measurements of the nucleon structure function F2 in the range 0.002 < xBj< 0.17 and 0.21< Q2<8 GeV2 in Deuterium, Carbon and Calcium, Nucl. Phys. B333(1990)1

Hydrogen Pellet Target for Circulating Particle Beams, NIM A371 (1996) 572-574

Energy from biomass, Sven Kullander, The European Physics Journal, Special Topics on Energy Supply and Climate Change: A Physics Perspective, Volume 176, September 2009, page 115.

Measurement of the eta ---> 3 pi0 Dalitz Plot Distribution with the WASA Detector at COSY.
Phys.Lett. B677 (2009) 24-29

Food Security – Crops for People not for Cars, Sven Kullander, Proceedings of the 9th Royal Colloquium 14 -17 June 2009, Bönhamn, Ambio Special Issue, Vol. 39, Number 3, May 2010.

ABC Effect in Basic Double-Pionic Fusion --- Observation of a new resonance?.
Phys.Rev.Lett. 106 (2011) 242302
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