Stein Kuhnle - Publications#

  • Stein Kuhnle, “Towards a Nordic-East Asian welfare dialogue?”, Journal of Asian Public Policy, Vol. 4, No. 3, November 2011: 254-262;
  • Stein Kuhnle, Chen Yinzhang, Klaus Petersen, and Pauli Kettunen (eds) The Nordic Welfare State, Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2010. Published in Chinese;
  • Nanna Kildal and Stein Kuhnle, "Old Age Pensions, Poverty and Dignity: Historical Arguments for Universal Pensions", in Global Social Policy, 2008:8: 208-237
  • Marius Olivier and Stein Kuhnle (eds), Norms and institutional design: social security in Norway and South Africa, Stellenbosch, South Africa: Sun Press (October 2008)
  • Nanna Kildal and Stein Kuhnle (eds) Normative Foundations of the Welfare State: The Nordic Experience, London/New York: Routledge (2005)
  • Ramesh Mishra, Stein Kuhnle, Neil Gilbert, Kyungbae Chung (eds) Modernizing the Korean Welfare State, New Brunswick, N.J., Transaction (2004)
  • Sven E.O. Hort and Stein Kuhnle, "The Coming of East and Southeast Asian Welfare States", Journal of European Social Policy , Vol 10, No 2 : 162-184, (2000)
  • Stein Kuhnle (ed.) Survival of the European Welfare State, London/New York: Routledge (2000)
  • Peter Flora with Stein Kuhnle and Derek Urwin (eds) State Formation, Nation-Building, and Mass Politics in Europe. The Theory of Stein Rokkan, Oxford: Oxford University Press (1999)
  • Stein Kuhnle and Per Selle (eds) Government and Voluntary Organizations. A Relational Perspective, Aldershot, Hampshire, England: Ashgate (1992)
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