Charlotte Krawczyk - Selected Publications#

Jousset, P., Reinsch, T., Ryberg, T., Blanck, H., Clarke, A., Aghayev, R., Hersir, G., Henninges, J., Weber, M.H. & Krawczyk, C.M., 2018. Fibre-optic sensing brightens seismological Earth exploration and hazard monitoring. Nature Comms., 9, 2509;

Krawczyk, C.M. & Polom, U. 2018. Shear-wave seismic sections. In: Atlas of Structural Geological Interpretation on Seismic Images, Wiley Blackwell, in press.

Comina, C., Krawczyk, C.M., Polom, U. & Socco, L.V., 2017. Integration of SH seismic reflection and Love wave dispersion data for shear wave velocity determination over quick clays. Geophysical J. Int., 210 (3), 1922-1931;

Beilecke, T., Krawczyk, C.M., Ziesch, J. & Tanner, D.C., 2016. Near-surface fault detection using high resolution shear wave reflection seismics at the CO2CRC Otway Project Site, Australia. J. of Geophys. Research, 121 (9), 6510–6532;

Becker, K., Tanner, D.C., Franke, D. & Krawczyk, C.M., 2016. Fault-controlled lithospheric detachment of the volcanic southern South Atlantic rift. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 17 (3), 1525-2027;

Krawczyk, C.M., Polom, U. & Beilecke, T., 2013. Shear-wave reflection seismics as valuable tool for near-surface urban applications. The Leading Edge, Special Volume on Urban Geophysics, 32 (3), 256-263;

Krawczyk, C.M., Polom, U., Trabs, S., Dahm, T., 2012. Sinkholes in the city of Hamburg – New urban shear-wave reflection seismic system enables high-resolution imaging of subrosion structures. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 78, 133-143; doi: 10.1016/j.jappgeo.2011.02.003.

Lohr, T., Krawczyk, C.M., Tanner, D.C., Samiee, R., Endres, H., Thierer, P.O., Oncken, O., Trappe, H., Bachmann, R., Kukla, P.A., 2008. Prediction of sub-seismic faults and fractures - integration of 3D seismic data, 3D retrodeformation, and well data on an example of deformation around an inverted fault. AAPG Bulletin, 92 (4), 473-485,

Krawczyk, C.M. & the SPOC Team, 2003. Amphibious seismic survey images plate interface at 1960 Chile earthquake. EOS, Transactions, AGU, 84 (32), 301, 304-305.

Krawczyk, C.M. & DEKORP-BASIN Research Group, 1999. The deep crustal structure of the Northeast German basin: New DEKORP-BASIN’96 deep-profiling results. Geology, 27 (1), 55-58.

Echtler, H.P., Stiller, M., Steinhoff, F., Krawczyk, C., Suleimanov, A., Spiridonov, V., Knapp, J.H., Menshikov, Y., Alvarez-Marron, J. & Yunusov, N., 1996. Preserved collisional crustal structure of the Southern Urals revealed by Vibroseis profiling. Science, 274 (5285), 224-226.

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