Ferenc Krausz - Selected publications#

1. T. Brabec, F. Krausz
Intense few-cycle laser fields: frontiers of nonlinear optics
Rev. Mod. Phys. 72, 545 (2000) - Reviews the technologies underlying the generation of few-cycle, few-femtosecond laser light, pioneered by the group of Ferenc Krausz in the 90’s.

2. M. Hentschel, R. Kienberger, Ch. Spielmann, G. A. Reider, N. Milosevic, T. Brabec, P. Corkum, U. Heinzmann, M. Drescher, F. Krausz
Attosecond metrology
Nature 414, 509, (2001) - First demonstration of isolated light pulses shorter than 1 femtosecond.

3. M. Drescher, M. Hentschel, R. Kienberger, M. Uiberacker, V. Yakovlev, A. Scrinzi, Th. Westerwalbesloh, U. Kleineberg, U. Heinzmann, F. Krausz; Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy
Nature 419, 803 (2002) - First real-time observation of electron dynamics in inner shells of atoms.

4. A. Baltuška, Th. Udem, M. Uiberacker, M. Hentschel, E. Goulielmakis, Ch. Gohle, R. Holzwarth, V. S. Yakovlev, A. Scrinzi, T.W. Hänsch, F. Krausz; Attosecond control of electronic processes by intense light fields
Nature 421, 611 (2003) - First laser light with controlled waveform and control of atomic-scale electron motion.

5. R. Kienberger, E. Goulielmakis, M. Uiberacker, A. Baltuška, V. Yakovlev, F. Bammer, A. Scrinzi, Th. Westerwalbesloh, U. Kleineberg, U. Heinzmann, M. Drescher, F. Krausz; Atomic transient recorder
Nature 427, 817 (2004) - Demonstration of attosecond streaking, which became the standard for measuring attosecond pulses.

6. E. Goulielmakis, M. Uiberacker, R. Kienberger, A. Baltuska, V. Yakovlev, A. Scrinzi, Th. Westerwalbesloh, U. Kleineberg, U. Heinzmann, M. Drescher, F. Krausz
Direct measurement of light waves
Science 305, 1267 (2004) - First measurement of the attosecond oscillation of the electric field of visible light.

7. M. Uiberacker, Th. Uphues, M. Schultze, A. J. Verhoef, V. Yakovlev, M. F. Kling, J. Rauschenberger, N. M. Kabachnik, H. Schröder, M. Lezius, K. L. Kompa, H.-G. Muller, M. J. J. Vrakking, S. Hendel, U. Kleineberg, U. Heinzmann, M. Drescher, F. Krausz
Attosecond real-time observation of electron tunnelling in atoms
Nature 446, 627 (2007) - First tracking of electrons as they leave atoms during ionization.

8. A. L. Cavalieri, N. Müller, Th. Uphues, V. S. Yakovlev, A. Baltuska, B. Horvath, B. Schmidt, L. Blümel, R. Holzwarth, S. Hendel, M. Drescher, U. Kleineberg, P. M. Echenique, R. Kienberger, F. Krausz, U. Heinzmann
Attosecond spectroscopy in condensed matter
Nature 449, 1029 (2007) - First real-time observation of atomic-scale electron motion in solids, tracing them during their travel through atomic layers of a crystal.

9. E. Goulielmakis, M. Schultze, M. Hofstetter, V. Yakovlev, J. Gagnon, M. Uiberacker, A. L. Aquila, E. M. Gullikson, D. T. Attwood, R. Kienberger, F. Krausz, U. Kleineberg; Single-cycle nonlinear optics
Science 320, 1614 (2008) - Breaking the 100-attosecond barrier in light pulse generation with single-cycle laser light.

10. M. Schultze, M. Fieß, N. Karpowicz, J. Gagnon, M. Korbman, M. Hofstetter, S. Neppl, A. Cavalieri, Y. Komninos, Th. Mercouris, C. A. Nicolaides, R. Pazourek, S. Nagele, J. Feist, J. Burgdörfer, A. M. Azzeer, R. Ernstorfer, R. Kienberger, U. Kleineberg, E. Goulielmakis, F. Krausz, V. Yakovlev; Delay in photoemission
Science 328, 1658 (2010) - Discovery of a delay of the photoeffect, measured with a resolution better than the atomic unit of time.
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