Peter Kralchevsky - Selected Publications#

Data according to Scopus: 184 cited documents; 8036 citations; h-index = 42, self-citations of all authors are excluded

Several most cited papers:

1. Denkov, N.D., Velev, O.D., Kralchevsky, P.A., Ivanov, I.B., Yoshimura, H., Nagayama, K., Mechanism of Formation of Two-Dimensional Crystals from Latex Particles on Substrates, Langmuir 8 (1992) 3183-3190 (966 citations).

2. Kralchevsky, P.A., Nagayama, K., Capillary interactions between particles bound to interfaces, liquid films and biomembranes, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 85 (2000) 145-192 (495 citations).

3. Kralchevsky, P.A., Nagayama, K. Capillary Forces between Colloidal Particles, Langmuir 10 (1994) 23-36 (408 citations).

4. Kralchevsky, P.A., Paunov, V.N., Ivanov, I.B., Nagayama, K., Capillary meniscus interaction between colloidal particles attached to a liquid-fluid interface, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 151 (1992) 79-94 (170 citations).

5. Kralchevsky, P.A., Ivanov, I.B., Ananthapadmanabhan, K.P., Lips, A., On the thermodynamics of particle-stabilized emulsions: Curvature effects and catastrophic phase inversion, Langmuir 21 (2005) 50-63 (170 citations).

6. Kralchevsky, P.A., Danov, K.D., Broze, G., Mehreteab, A., Thermodynamics of ionic surfactant adsorption with account for the counterion binding: Effect of salts of various valency. Langmuir 15 (1999) 2351-2365 (155 citations).

Examples for contributions from the last 5 years:

7. Kralchevsky, P.A., Danov, K.D., Anachkov, S.E., Depletion forces in thin liquid films due to nonionic and ionic surfactant micelles, Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 20 (2015) 11-18 (17 citations).

8. Danov, K.D., Kralchevsky, P.A., Stoyanov, S.D., Cook, J.L., Stott, I.P., Pelan, E.G., Growth of wormlike micelles in nonionic surfactant solutions: Quantitative theory vs. experiment, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 256 (2018) 1-22 (13 citations).

9. Danov, K.D., Kralchevsky, P.A., Stoyanov, S.D., Cook, J.L., Stott, I.P., Analytical modeling of micelle growth. 1. Chain-conformation free energy of binary mixed spherical, wormlike and lamellar micelles, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 547 (2019) 245-255 (4 citations).

Book (monograph):

10. Kralchevsky, P.A., Nagayama, K., Particles at fluid interfaces and membranes: Attachment of colloid particles and proteins to interfaces and formation of two-dimensional arrays, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2001; book: 14 chapters, 654 pages (401 citations).

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