Kai A. Konrad - Publications#


K.A. Konrad and H. Zschäpitz, Schulden ohne Sühne? Was Europas Krise uns Bürger kostet, 3rd. edition, dtv, 2012.
K.A. Konrad, Strategy and Dynamics in Contests, Oxford University Press, 2009.

Journal articles

K.A. Konrad and F. Morath, Evolutionarily stable in-group favoritism and out-group spite in intergroup conflict, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 306, 2012, 61-67.
M. Elsayyad and K.A. Konrad, Fighting multiple tax havens, Journal of International Economics, 86(2), 2012, 295-305.
K.A. Konrad and D. Kovenock, Competition for FDI with vintage investment and agglomeration advantages, Journal of International Economics, 79(2), 2009, 230-237.
K.A. Konrad and D. Kovenock, Multi-battle contests, Games and Economic Behavior, 66(1), 2009, 256-274.
D.J. Clark and K.A. Konrad, Fragmented property rights and incentives for R&D, Management Science, 54(5), 2008, 969-981.
K.A. Konrad, Inverse campaigning, Economic Journal, 114(492), 2004, 69-82.
K.A. Konrad, H. Künemund, K.E. Lommerud and J. Robledo, Geography of the family, American Economic Review, 92(4), 2002, 981-998.
A. Glazer and K.A. Konrad, A signaling explanation for private charity, American Economic Review, 86(4), 1996, 1019-1028.


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