Dariusz Kołodziejczyk - Selected Publications#

Books in English:

Ottoman-Polish Diplomatic Relations (15th–18th Century): An Annotated Edition of ‘Ahdnames and Other Documents (Leiden: Brill, 2000);

The Ottoman Survey Register of Podolia (ca. 1681): Defter-i Mufassal-i Eyalet-i Kamaniçe, 2 pts. (Cambridge, Mass: HUP, 2004);

The Crimean Khanate and Poland-Lithuania: International Diplomacy on the European Periphery (15th-18th Century). A Study of Peace Treaties Followed by Annotated Documents (Leiden: Brill, 2011);

Universal Empire. A Comparative Approach to Imperial Culture and Representation in Eurasian History. Edited by Peter Fibiger Bang and Dariusz Kołodziejczyk (Cambridge: CUP, 2012);

Selected publications from the last 5 years:

“Between universalistic claims and reality: Ottoman frontiers in the early modern period,” in: The Ottoman World, ed. Ch. Woodhead (London-New York, 2012), pp. 205-219;

“Divided Sovereignty in the Genghisid States as Exemplified by the Crimean Khanate: ‘Oriental Despotism’ à rebours?” Acta Slavica Iaponica 32 (2012), pp. 1-21;

“What is Inside and What is Outside? Tributary States in Ottoman Politics,” in: The European Tributary States of the Ottoman Empire in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, ed. G. Kármán and L. Kunčević (Leiden, 2013), pp. 421-432;

“A Ukrainian village in Podolia under Ottoman rule: Changes in social structure and peasant strategies,” in: Ottoman Rural Societies and Economies. Halcyon Days in Crete VIII. A Symposium Held in Rethymno 13-15 January 2012, ed. E. Kolovos (Rethymno, 2015), pp. 49-63;

“The Orthodox Exarchate of Little Rus’: A few remarks on the Ottoman confessional policy in the late seventeenth century” Archivum Ottomanicum 33 (2016), pp. 247-255;

“Tibet in the Crimea? Polish embassy to the Kalmyks of 1653 and a project of an anti-Muslim alliance” Acta Poloniae Historica 114 (2016), pp. 231-253

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