Barbara Kofler - Selected Publications#

Falkenstetter, S; Leitner, J; Brunner, SM; Rieder, TN; Kofler, B; Weis, S; Galanin System in Human Glioma and Pituitary Adenoma. Front Endocrinol 2020 11: pp.155

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Feichtinger, RG; Neureiter, D; Kemmerling, R; Mayr, JA; Kiesslich, T; Kofler, B; 2019 Low VDAC1 Expression Is Associated with an Aggressive Phenotype and Reduced Overall Patient Survival in Cholangiocellular Carcinoma. Cells. 2019; 8(6)

Genders, SG; Scheller, KJ; Jaehne, EJ; Turner, BJ; Lawrence, AJ; Brunner, SM; Kofler, B; van den Buuse, M; Djouma, E; 2019 GAL3 receptor knockout mice exhibit an alcohol-preferring phenotype Addict Biol. 2019; 24(5): 886-897.

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Licha, D; Vidali, S; Aminzadeh-Gohari, S; Alka, O; Breitkreuz, L; Kohlbacher, O; Reischl, RJ; Feichtinger, RG; Kofler, B; Huber, CG; 2019 Untargeted Metabolomics Reveals Molecular Effects of Ketogenic Diet on Healthy and Tumor Xenograft Mouse Models. Int J Mol Sci. 2019; 20(16):

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Vidali, S; Aminzadeh-Gohari, S; Vatrinet, R; Iommarini, L; Porcelli, AM; Kofler, B; Feichtinger, RG 2019 Lithium and Not Acetoacetate Influences the Growth of Cells Treated with Lithium Acetoacetate. INT J MOL SCI. 2019; 20(12):

Drexel, M; Locker, F; Kofler, B; Sperk, G 2018 Effects of galanin receptor 2 and receptor 3 knockout in mouse models of acute seizures. EPILEPSIA. 2018; 59(11): e166-e171.

Feichtinger, RG; Lang, R; Geilberger, R; Rathje, F; Mayr, JA; Sperl, W; Bauer, JW; Hauser-Kronberger, C; Kofler, B; Emberger, M; 2018 Melanoma tumors exhibit a variable but distinct metabolic signature. Exp Dermatol. 2018; 27(2):204-207

Feichtinger, RG; Schafer, G; Seifarth, C; Mayr, JA; Kofler, B; Klocker, H 2018 Reduced Levels of ATP Synthase Subunit ATP5F1A Correlate with Earlier-Onset Prostate Cancer. OXID MED CELL LONGEV. 2018; 2018: 1347174

Locker, F; Vidali, S; Holub, BS; Stockinger, J; Brunner, SM; Ebner, S; Koller, A; Trost, A; Reitsamer, HA; Schwarzenbacher, D; Lang, R; Kofler, B; 2018 Lack of Galanin Receptor 3 Alleviates Psoriasis by Altering Vascularization, Immune Cell Infiltration, and Cytokine Expression. J Invest Dermatol. 2018; 138(1):199-207

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Aminzadeh-Gohari, S; Feichtinger, RG; Vidali, S; Locker, F; Rutherford, T; O'Donnel, M; Stoger-Kleiber, A; Mayr, JA; Sperl, W; Kofler, B 2017 A ketogenic diet supplemented with medium-chain triglycerides enhances the anti-tumor and anti-angiogenic efficacy of chemotherapy on neuroblastoma xenografts in a CD1-nu mouse model ONCOTARGET. 2017; 8(39): 64728-64744.

Feichtinger, RG; Neureiter, D; Skaria, T; Wessler, S; Cover, TL; Mayr, JA; Zimmermann, FA; Posselt, G; Sperl, W; Kofler, B 2017 Oxidative Phosphorylation System in Gastric Carcinomas and Gastritis. OXID MED CELL LONGEV. 2017; 2017: 1320241

Feichtinger, RG; Pétervári, E; Zopf, M; Vidali, S; Aminzadeh-Gohari, S; Mayr, JA; Kofler, B; Balaskó, M; 2017 Effects of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone on mitochondrial energy metabolism in rats of different age-groups. Neuropeptides. 2017; 64: 123-130.

Kaser-Eichberger, A; Trost, A; Strohmaier, C; Bogner, B; Runge, C; Bruckner, D; Hohberger, B; Jünemann, A; Kofler, B; Reitsamer, HA; Schrödl, F; 2017 Distribution of the neuro-regulatory peptide galanin in the human eye. Neuropeptides. 2017; 64:85-93

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Amberger, A; Deutschmann, AJ; Traunfellner, P; Moser, P; Feichtinger, RG; Kofler, B; Zschocke, J; 2016 17β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 10 predicts survival of patients with colorectal cancer and affects mitochondrial DNA content. Cancer Lett. 2016; 374(1): 149-155.

Botz, B; Brunner, SM; Kemény, Á; Pintér, E; McDougall, JJ; Kofler, B; Helyes, Z; 2016 Galanin 3 receptor-deficient mice show no alteration in the oxazolone-induced contact dermatitis phenotype. Exp Dermatol. 2016; 25(9):725-727

Botz, B; Kemény, Á; Brunner, SM; Locker, F; Csepregi, J; Mócsai, A; Pintér, E; McDougall, JJ; Kofler, B; Helyes, Z; 2016 Lack of Galanin 3 Receptor Aggravates Murine Autoimmune Arthritis. J Mol Neurosci. 2016; 59(2):260-269

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Koller, A; Rid, R; Beyreis, M; Bianchini, R; Holub, BS; Lang, A; Locker, F; Brodowicz, B; Velickovic, O; Jakab, M; Kerschbaum, H; Önder, K; Kofler, B; 2016 In vitro toxicity of the galanin receptor 3 antagonist SNAP 37889. Neuropeptides. 2016; 56:83-88

Morscher, RJ; Aminzadeh-Gohari, S; Hauser-Kronberger, C; Feichtinger, RG; Sperl, W; Kofler, B; 2016 Combination of metronomic cyclophosphamide and dietary intervention inhibits neuroblastoma growth in a CD1-nu mouse model. Oncotarget. 2016; 7(13):17060-17073

Vidali, S; Chéret, J; Giesen, M; Haeger, S; Alam, M; Watson, RE; Langton, AK; Klinger, M; Knuever, J; Funk, W; Kofler, B; Paus, R; 2016 Thyroid Hormones Enhance Mitochondrial Function in Human Epidermis. J Invest Dermatol. 2016; 136(10):2003-2012

Webling, K; Groves-Chapman, JL; Runesson, J; Saar, I; Lang, A; Sillard, R; Jakovenko, E; Kofler, B; Holmes, PV; Langel, Ü; 2016 Pharmacological stimulation of GAL1R but not GAL2R attenuates kainic acid-induced neuronal cell death in the rat hippocampus. Neuropeptides. 2016; 58: 83-92.

Webling, K; Runesson, J; Lang, A; Saar, I; Kofler, B; Langel, Ü; 2016 Ala(5)-galanin (2-11) is a GAL2R specific galanin analogue. Neuropeptides. 2016; 60:75-82

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Steinbacher, P; Feichtinger, RG; Kedenko, L; Kedenko, I; Reinhardt, S; Schonauer, AL; Leitner, I; Sanger, AM; Stoiber, W; Kofler, B; Forster, H; Paulweber, B; Ring-Dimitriou, S; (2015): The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Gly482Ser in the PGC-1α Gene Impairs Exercise-Induced Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibre Transformation in Humans. PLOS ONE. 2015; 10(4): e0123881.

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Feichtinger, RG; Weis, S; Mayr, JA; Zimmermann, F; Geilberger, R; Sperl, W; Kofler, B;

(2014): Alterations of oxidative phosphorylation complexes in astrocytomas. Glia. 2014; 62(4): 514-525.

Mikó, A; Balla, P; Tenk, J; Balaskó, M; Soós, S; Székely, M; Brunner, S; Kofler, B; Pétervári, E;

(2014): Thermoregulatory effect of alarin, a new member of the galanin peptide family

Temperature. 2014; 1: 51-56.

Obermayer, A; Stoiber, W; Krautgartner, WD; Klappacher, M; Kofler, B; Steinbacher, P; Vitkov, L; Grabcanovic-Musija, F; Studnicka, M (2014): New Aspects on the Structure of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and In Vitro Generation

PLOS ONE. 2014; 9(5): e97784

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Vidali, S; Knuever, J; Lerchner, J; Giesen, M; Bíró, T; Klinger, M; Kofler, B; Funk, W; Poeggeler, B; Paus, R; (2014): Hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis hormones stimulate mitochondrial function and biogenesis in human hair follicles. J Invest Dermatol. 2014; 134(1): 33-42.

In total 128 peer reviewed publications, H-factor 33.

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