Jürgen Kocka - List of Selected Publications#

  • Kocka J., "Entrepreneurs and Management in German Industrialization," in The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, vol. 7, pt. 1, ed. P. Mathias and M. M. Postan ( Cambridge, England, 1978), 492-589, 709-27, 769-77. Originally published as Unternehmer in der deutschen Industrialisierung (Göttingen, 1975).
  • Kocka J., White Collar Workers in America 1890-1940. A Social Political History in International Perspective (London-Beverly Hills: SAGE, 1980).
  • Kocka J., "Capitalism and Bureaucracy in German Industrialization before 1914," Economic History Review, 2nd series, 33 (1981): 453-468.
  • Kocka J., "Class Formation, Interest Articulation and Public Policy: the Origins of the German White Collar Class in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries," in Organizing Interests in Western Europe: pluralism, corporatism, and the transformation of politics, ed. S. Berger (Cambridge, England, 1988), 63-81.
  • Kocka J., "Problems of Working-Class Formation in Germany: The Early Years, 1800-1875," in Working-Class Formation. Nineteenth- Century Patterns in Western Europe and the United States
  • Kocka, Jürgen & A. Mitchell, eds. (1993). Bourgeois Society in Nineteenth-century Europe.
  • Kocka J., and A. Mitchell, eds., Bourgeois Society in Nineteenth Century Europe ( Oxford, 1993).
  • Kocka J., "New Trends in Labour Movement Historiography: A German Perspective," International Review of Social History 42 (1997): 67-78.
  • Kocka J., "Asymmetrical Historical Comparison: the Case of the German 'Sonderweg'," History and Theory 38 (1999): 40-51.
  • Kocka, Jürgen. (1999) Industrial Culture and Bourgeois Society. Business, Labor, and Bureaucracy in Modern Germany. (New Yoek: Berghahn Books) online
  • Kocka, Jürgen. "Civil Society: Some remarks on the career of a concept," in: E. Ben-Rafael, Y. Sternberg (eds.): Comparing Modernities, pp. 141–148.
  • Kocka, Jurgen. "Losses, Gains and Opportunities: Social History Today," Journal of Social History, Volume 37, Number 1, Fall 2003, pp. 21–28 doi:10.1353/jsh.2003.0146

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