Christoph Koch - Selected Publications#

h-index 45 and 6927 citations according to Google Scholar (March 23, 2019)

Amir Shaikhha, Yannis Klonatos, Christoph Koch:
Building Efficient Query Engines in a High-Level Language. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 43(1): 4:1-4:45 (2018)
Extended/journal version of VLDB 2014 best paper. Describes the open-source LegoBase system.

Immanuel Trummer, Christoph Koch:
Multi-objective parametric query optimization. Commun. ACM 60(10): 81-89 (2017)
ACM Research Highlight.

Immanuel Trummer, Christoph Koch:
Multiple Query Optimization on the D-Wave 2X Adiabatic Quantum Computer. PVLDB 9(9): 648-659 (2016)
First published paper to provide experimental evidence on the performance of the D-Wave 2 quantum computer by outsiders.

Christoph Koch, Yanif Ahmad, Oliver Kennedy, Milos Nikolic, Andres Nötzli, Daniel Lupei, Amir Shaikhha:
DBToaster: higher-order delta processing for dynamic, frequently fresh views. VLDB J. 23(2): 253-278 (2014)
Main paper on the open-source DBToaster system. Widely read in database courses, e.g. at MIT and Berkeley.

Dan Suciu, Dan Olteanu, Christopher Ré, Christoph Koch:
Probabilistic Databases. Synthesis Lectures on Data Management, Morgan & Claypool Publishers 2011
Second-best selling book in the Morgan Claypool Synthesis series.
Second-most cited publication by the author.

Christoph Koch:
Incremental query evaluation in a ring of databases. PODS 2010: 87-98
Introduces recursive incremental view maintenance, started a renaissance in research on IVM.

Lyublena Antova, Thomas Jansen, Christoph Koch, Dan Olteanu:
Fast and Simple Relational Processing of Uncertain Data. ICDE 2008: 983-992
The research foundation of the open-source MayBMS database system.

Lyublena Antova, Christoph Koch, Dan Olteanu:
10106 Worlds and Beyond: Efficient Representation and Processing of Incomplete Information. ICDE 2007: 606-615
The paper that started factorized databases.

Georg Gottlob, Christoph Koch:
Monadic Datalog and the Expressive Power of Languages for Web Information Extraction. PODS 2002: 17-28
Best paper award.

Georg Gottlob, Christoph Koch, Reinhard Pichler:
Efficient Algorithms for Processing XPath Queries. VLDB 2002: 95-106
Most cited paper (> 600 citations)

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