Wolfgang Knoll - Publications#

Wolfgang Knoll published more than 850 original papers that were cited more than 40.000 times and earned him an h-factor of 103 (Google Scholar).

The 5 most cited papers (number of citations):

W. Knoll, Interfaces and Thin Films as Seen by Bound Electromagnetic Waves, Ann. Rev. Phys. Chem. 49 (1998) 569-638 (976)

B. Rothenhäusler, W. Knoll, Surface Plasmon Microscopy, Nature 332 (1988) 615-617 (731)

X. Zhong, Y. Feng, W. Knoll, M. Han,Alloyed Zn x Cd1-x S Nanocrystals with Highly Narrow Luminescence Spectral Width, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125 (2003) 13559-13563 (596)

R. Liu, D. Wu, S. Liu, K. Koynov, W. Knoll, Q. Li, An Aqueous Route to Multicolor Photoluminescent Carbon Dots Using Silica Spheres as Carriers, Angew. Chem. 121 (2009), 4668-4671 (536)

T. Liebermann, W. Knoll, Surface-Plasmon Field-Enhanced Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Coll. Surf. A: Coll. Surf. A 171 (2000) 115-130 (486)

5 recent papers:

Ch. Steininger, C. Reiner-Rozman, A. Schwaighofer, W. Knoll, Kinetics of cytochrome c oxidase from R. sphaeroides initiated by direct electron transfer followed by tr-SEIRAS, Bioelectrochem. 112 (2016) 1-8

R. Naumann, F. Geiss, Ch. Steininger, W. Knoll, Biomimetic Membranes for Multi-Redox Center Proteins, Int. J. Mol. Sci.17 (2016) 330

L. Niu, N. Zhang, H. Liu, W. Knoll, Integrating Plasmonic Diagnostics and Microfluidics, Biomicrofluidics 9 (2015) 052611

S.R. Tabaei, J.A. Jackman, S. Kim, W. Knoll, Formation of Cholesterol-Rich Supported Membranes Using Solvent-Assisted Lipid Self-Assembly, 30 (2014) 13345-13352

J.A. Jackman, W. Knoll, N-J. Cho, Biotechnology Applications of Tethered Lipid Bilayer Membranes, Mater. 5 (2012) 2637-2657

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