Jacob Klein - Selected publications#

Klein, J. "Evidence for reptation in an entangled polymer melt". Nature 271, 143 5 (1978

Klein, J. "The onset of entangled behaviour in semi dilute and concentrated polymer systems". Macromolecules 11, 852 (1978

Klein, J. and Luckham, P. 'Long Range Attractive Forces Between Two Mica Surfaces Immersed in a Good Aqueous Polymer Solution'. Nature 308, 836 (1984

Klein, J. and Kumacheva, E., ' Confinement-induced phase transitions in simple liquids', Science, 269, 816 - 819 (1995

Raviv, U., Laurat, P. and Klein, J., ‘Fluidity of water confined to subnanometre films’ – Nature, 413, 51-54 (2001

Raviv, U. and Klein, J., ‘Fluidity of bound hydration layers’ – Science 297, 1540-1543 (2002

Raviv, U., Giasson, S., Kampf, N., Gohy, J-F., Jerome, R. and Klein, J., ‘Lubrication by charged polymers’, Nature, 425, 163-165 (2003

Briscoe, W.H., Titmuss, S., Tiberg, F., McGillivray, D.J., Thomas, R.K., Klein, J., ‘Boundary lubrication under water’, Nature 444, 191-194 (2006

Chen, M., Briscoe, W.H., Armes, S.P. and Klein, J., ‘Lubrication by biomimetic surface layers at physiological pressures’, Science, 323 1698-1702 (2009

Goldberg, R., Schroeder, A., Barenholz, Y., Klein, J., ‘Boundary Lubricants with Exceptionally Low Friction Coefficients Based on 2D Close-Packed Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes’, Advanced Materials, 23, 3517-3521 (2011

Silbert, G., Dror, Y., Perkin, S., Kampf, N. and Klein, J., ‘Origin of the long-ranged attraction between surfaces with random charge domains’, Phys. Rev. Letts., 109, 168305 (2012

Jacob Klein published over 230 papers, including over 20 in Science and Nature. His work has been cited over 9500 times, with an H-factor 53.
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