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Kissel, C., Sarnthein, M., Laj, C., Wang, P.X., Wandres, C., Egli, R., Magnetic fingerprints of modern sediments in the South China Sea resulting from source-to-sink processes. Geochem. Geophys. Geosystems, 19, 2018.

Chen, Q., Kissel, C., Liu, Z. Late Quaternary climatic forcing on the terrigenous supply in the northern South China Sea during Late Quaternary: input from magnetic studies Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 471, 160-171, 2017

Kayvantash, D., Cojan, I., Kissel, C., Franke, C. Magnetic fingerprint of the sediment load in a meander bend section of the Seine River (France) Geomorphology 286, 14-26, 2017.

Blashek, M., Renssen, H., Kissel, C., Thornalley, D. Holocene North Atlantic Overturning in an atmosphere-ocean-sea-ice model compared to proxy-based reconstructions. Paleoceanography, 30, 1503-1524, 2015.

Laj C., and Kissel, C., An Impending geomagnetic transition? Hints from the past Frontiers in Earth Science, 3:61, 2015.

Kissel, C., Laj C., Rodriguez-Gonzalez A., Perez-Torrado F., Carracedo J. C., Wandres C. Holocene geomagnetic field intensity variations: contribution from the low latitude Canary Islands site. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 430, 178-190, 2015.

Laj, C., Guillou, H., Kissel, C. Dynamics of the earth magnetic field in the 10-75 kyr period comprising the Laschamp and Mono Lake excursions: New results from the French Chaîne des Puys in a global perspective. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 387, 184-197, 2014.

Kissel, C., Guillou, H., Laj, C. Carracedo, J.-C., Perez-Torrado, F., Wandres, C., Rodriguez-Gonzalez, A., Nomade S. A combined paleomagnetic/dating investigation of the upper Jaramillo transition from a volcanic section at Tenerife (Canary Islands). Earth and Planetary Science Letters 406, 59–71, 2014.

Kissel, C., Van Toer, A., Laj, C., Cortijo, E., Michel, E. Variations in the Strength of the North Atlantic Bottom water during Holocene. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 369-370, 248-259, 2013.

Kissel, C., Guillou, H., Laj, C., Carracedo, J. C., Nomade, S., Perez-Torrado, F., Wandres, C. The Mono Lake excursion recorded in phonolitic lavas from Tenerife (Canary Islands): paleomagnetic analyses and coupled K/Ar and Ar/Ar dating. Physics of the Earth and Planet. Int., 187, 232-244, 2011.

Laj, C., Kissel, C., Davies, C., Gubbins, D. Geomagnetic field intensity and inclination records from Hawaii and the Réunion Island: geomagnetic implications. Physics of the Earth and Planet. Int., 187, 170-187, 2011.

Kissel, C., Laj, C., Kienast, M., Bolliet, T., Holbourn, A., Hill, P., Kuhnt, W., Braconnot, P. Monsoon variability and deep oceanic circulation in the western equatorial Pacific over the last climatic cycle: insights from sedimentary magnetic properties and sortable silt. Paleoceanography, 25, PA3215, doi:10.1029/2010PA001980, 2010.

Kissel, C., Laj, C., Sigurdsson, H., Guillou, H., Emplacement of magma in Eastern Iceland dikes: Insights from magnetic fabric and rock magnetic analyses. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 191, 79–92, 2010.

Kissel, C., Laj, C., Mulder, T., Wandres, C., Cremer M., The magnetic fraction: a tracer of deep water circulation in the North Atlantic, Earth and Planet. Sci. Lett., 288 (3-4), 444-454, 2009.

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