Lászlò Kiss - Publications#

Five representative publications from the last 5 years:

1. Kiss L.L., Derekas A., Szabó Gy.M., Bedding T.R., Szabados L.: Defining the instability strip of pulsating post-AGB binary stars from ASAS and NSVS photometry, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 375, pp. 1338-1348, 2007
impact factor: 5.249; independent citations: 12

2. Derekas A., Kiss L.L., Bedding T.R.: Eclipsing binaries in the MACHO database: New periods and classifications for 3031 systems in the Large Magellanic Cloud, Astrophysical Journal, 663, pp. 249-257, 2007
impact factor: 6.405, independent citations: 17

3. Lane R.R., Kiss L.L., Lewis G.F., et al. (6 co-authors): Halo Globular Clusters Observed with AAOmega: Dark Matter Content, Metallicity and Tidal Heating, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 406, pp. 2732-2742, 2010
impact factor: 4.888, independent citations: 16

4. Derekas A., Kiss L.L., Borkovits T., et al. (39 co-authors) : HD 181068: A red giant in a triply-eclipsing compact hierarchical triple system, Science, 332, 216-218., 2011
impact factor: 31.364, independent citations: 2

5. Kiss L.L., Moór A., Szalai T., et al. (24 co-authors): A search for new members of the beta Pic, Tuc-Hor and epsilon Cha moving groups in the RAVE database, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 411, pp. 117-123, 2011
impact factor: 4.888, independent citations: 7

Five representative publications from the previous period:

6. Kiss L.L., Szatmáry K., Cadmus R.R., Jr., Mattei J.A.: Multiperiodicity in semiregular variables. I. General properties, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 346, pp. 542-555, 1999
impact factor: 2.250, independent citations: 81

7. Kiss L.L., Bedding T.R.: Red variables in the OGLE-II database. I. Pulsations and period-luminosity relations below the tip of the Red Giant Branch of the Large Magellanic Cloud, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 343, pp. L79-L83, 2003
impact factor: 4.991, independent citations: 58

8. Kiss L.L., Szabó M.Gy., Bedding T.R.: Variability in red supergiant stars: pulsations, long secondary periods and convection noise, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 372, pp. 1721-1734, 2006
impact factor: 5.057, independent citations: 36

9. Kjeldsen H., Bedding T.R., Butler P.R., Christensen-Dalsgaard J., Kiss L.L., McCarthy C., Marcy G.W., Tinney C.G., Wright J.T.: Solar-like oscillations in alpha Centauri B, Astrophysical Journal, 635, pp. 1281-1290, 2005
impact factor: 6.308, independent citations: 68

10. Moór A., Ábrahám P., Derekas A., Kiss Cs., Kiss L.L., Apai D., Grady C., Henning T.: Nearby debris disk systems with high fractional luminosity reconsidered, Astrophysical Journal, 644, pp. 525-542, 2006
impact factor: 6.119, independent citations: 63

As of October 2012, the ISI Web of Science lists 135 publications that received 1613 citations without self-citations, resulting in an h-index of 24.
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