Christopher Kiely - Selected Publications#

“Optimal Nickel Nanocluster Size For CO2 Hydrogenation” C.Vogt, E.Groeneveld, G.Kamsma, M.Nachtegaal, L.Lu, C.J.Kiely, P.H.Berben, F.Meirer and B.M.Weckhuysen, Nature Catalysis, (2018), 1, 127-134.

“Aqueous Au-Pd Colloids Catalyze Selective CH4 Oxidation To CH3OH With O2 Under Mild Conditions” N.Agarwal, S.J.Freakley, R.McVicker, S.Althahban, N.Dimitratos, Q.He, D.J.Morgan, R.L.Jenkins, D.J.Willock, S.H.Taylor, C.J.Kiely and G.J.Hutchings, Science, (2017), 10.1126/science.aan6515.

“Atomic-Layered Au Clusters On α-MoC As Catalyst For The Low-Temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction” S.Yao, X.Zhang, W.Zhou, R.Gao, W.Xu, Y.Ye, L.Lin, X.Wen, P.Liu, E.Crumlin, J.Guo, Z.Zuo, W.Li, J.Xie, L.Lu, C.J.Kiely, L.Gu, C.Shi, J.A.Rodriguez and D.Ma, Science, (2017), 357, 389-393.

“Identification Of Single Site Gold Catalysis In Acetylene Hydrochlorination” G.Malta, S.A.Kondrat, S.J.Freakley, C.J.Davies, L.Lu, S.Dawson, A.Thetford, E.K.Gibson, D.J.Morgan, W.Jones, P.P.Wells, P.Johnston, C.R.A.Catlow, C.J.Kiely and G.J.Hutchings, Science, (2017), 355, 1399-1403.

“Determining The Heirarchy Of Active Species In Au/FeOx Low Temperature CO Oxidation Catalysts” Q.He, S.J.Freakley, J.K.Edwards, A.F.Carley, A.Borisevitch, Y.Mineo, M.Haruta, G.J.Hutchings and C.J.Kiely, Nature Communications, 7:12905, doi: 10.1038/ncomms12905 (2016).

“Stable Amorphous Georgeite As A Precursor To A High Activity Catalyst” S.A.Kondrat, P.Smith, P.P.Wells, P.A.Chater, L.Lu, T.E.Davies, E.M.Fiordaliso, J.B.Wagner, J.K.Bartley, S.H.Taylor, M.S.Spencer, C.J.Kiely, G.J.Kelly, C.W.Park, M.J.Rosseinsky and G.J.Hutchings, Nature, (2016), 531, 83-87.

“Palladium-Tin Catalysts For The Direct Synthesis Of H2O2 With High Selectivity” S.J.Freakley, Q.He, J.Harrhy, L.Lu, D.A.Crole, D.J.Morgan, E.N.Ntainjua, J.K.Edwards, A.F.Carley, A.Boresivitch, C.J.Kiely and G.J.Hutchings, Science, (2016), 351, 965-968.

“Single Enzyme Biomineralization Of Cadmium Sulfide Nanocrystals With Controlled Optical Properties” R.Dunleavy, L.Lu, C.J.Kiely, S.McIntosh and B.W.Berger, Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci., (2016), 113(19), 5275-5280.

“Supported Bimetallic Nanoalloys As Highly Active, Selective And Stable Catalysts For The Hydrogenation Of Levulinic Acid To Gamma-Valerolactone” W.Luo, M.Sankar, A.M.Beale, Q.He, C.J.Kiely, P.C.A.Bruijnincx and B.M.Weckhuysen, Nature Communications, (2015), 6, Article number: 6540, doi:10.1038/ncomms7540.

“Facile Removal Of Stabiliser-Ligands From Supported Gold Nanoparticles To Enhance Catalytic Properties,” J.A.Lopez-Sanchez, N.Dimitratos, S.White, G.Brett, L.Kosevan, P.Miedziak, R.L.Jenkins, R.Tiruvalam, A.F.Carley, C.J.Kiely and G.J.Hutchings, Nature Chemistry, (2011), 3, 551-556.

“Solvent-Free Oxidation Of Primary Carbon-Hydrogen Bonds In Toluene Using Au-Pd Alloy Nanoparticles,” L.Kesavan, R.Tiruvalam, M.I.Bin Saiman, D.I.Enache, R.Jenkins, N.Dimitratos, J.A.Lopez-Sanchez, S.H.Taylor, D.W.Knight, C.J.Kiely and G.J.Hutchings, Science, (2011), 331, 195-199.

“Identification Of Active Gold Nanoclusters On Iron Oxide Supports For CO Oxidation,” A.A. Herzing, C.J.Kiely, A.F. Carley, P. Landon and G.J. Hutchings, Science, (2008), 321, 1331-1335.

“Identification of Active Zr-WOx Clusters on ZrO2 Supports for Solid Acid Catalysts,” W. Zhou, E.I.Ross-Medgaarden, W.V.Knowles, M.S.Wong, I.E.Wachs and C.J.Kiely, Nature Chemistry, (2009), 1, 722-728.

“Switching-Off Hydrogen Peroxide Hydrogenation In The Direct Synthesis Process” J.K.Edwards, B.Solsana, E.Ntainjua N, P.Landon, A.F.Carley, A.A.Herzing, C.J.Kiely and G.J.Hutchings, Science, (2009), 323, 1037-1041.

“Identification Of Active Gold Nanoclusters On Iron Oxide Supports For CO Oxidation,” A.A. Herzing, C.J.Kiely, A.F. Carley, P. Landon and G.J. Hutchings, Science, (2008), 321, 1331-1335.

“Solvent-Free Oxidation Of Primary Alcohols To Aldehydes Using Titania-Supported Au-Pd Catalysts,” D.I.Enache, J.Edwards, P.Landon, B.Solsana-Espriu, A.F.Carley, A.Herzing, M. Watanabe, C.J.Kiely, D.W Knight and G.J.Hutchings, Science, (2006), 311, 362-365.

“Tuneable Gold Catalysts For Selective Hydrocarbon Oxidation Under Mild Conditions” M.D.Hughes, P.Jenkins, P.McMorn, P.Landon, A.F.Carley G.A.Attard, G.J.Hutchings, F.King, H.Stitt, P.Johnston, K.Griffin and C.J.Kiely, Nature, (2005), 437, 1132-1135.

“The Hydride Anion In An Extended Transition Metal Oxide Array – LaSrCoO3H0.7” M.A.Hayward, E.J.Cussen, J.B.Claridge, M.Bieringer, M.J.Rosseinsky, C.J.Kiely, S.J.Blundell, I.M.Marshall, and F.L.Pratt, Science, (2002), 295, 1882-1884.

“Spontaneous Ordering Of Bimodal Ensembles Of Nanoscopic Gold Clusters” C.J.Kiely, J.Fink, M.Brust, D.Bethell and D.J.Schiffrin, Nature, 396, (1998), 444-446.

“Hard Elastic Carbon Films From Linking Of Carbon Nanoparticles” G.A.J.Amaratunga, M.Chhowalla, C.J.Kiely, I.Alexandrou, R.Aharonov and R.Devenish, Nature, (1996), 383, 321-323.

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