Ole Kiehn - Selected publications#

Hägglund M, Dougherty K, Borgius L, Iwasato T, KIEHN O (2013). Optogenetic dissection reveals multiple rhythmogenic modules underlying locomotion. PNAS, 110(28):11589-94.

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KIEHN, O (2011). Development and functional organization of spinal locomotor circuits. Current Opinion of Neurobiology, 21(1):100-9

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Butt SJB, Lundfald L, KIEHN O (2005) EphA4 defines a class of excitatory locomotor-related interneurons. PNAS, 102(39): 14098-103.

Nishimaru H, Restrepo CE, Ryge J, Yanagawa Y, Kiehn O (2005). Mammalian motor neurons corelease glutamate and acetylcholine at central synapses. PNAS, 102(14):5245-9.

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