Alexei R. Khokhlov#

  • Vice-Rector of Moscow State University
  • Full Professor, Head of the Chair of Polymer Physics and Crystallophysics, Physics Department, Moscow State University, Phone: 7(495)939-1013, 7(495)939-5340, 7(499)135-7910

  • Graduated from Moscow State University in 1977

  • PhD, Moscow State University, 1979
  • Doctor of Science (Habilitation), Moscow State University, 1983

  • Assistant Professor, Moscow State University, 1979—1984
  • Associate Professor, Moscow State University, 1984—1988
  • Full Professor, Moscow State University, 1988—
  • Head of the Chair of Polymer Physics and Crystallophysics, Moscow State University, 1993—
  • Vice-Rector of Moscow State University, 2008—

  • President of European Polymer Federation (2004—2005)
  • Member of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2008 –
  • Member of the Advisory Council on Science, Education and High Technologies for the President of Russian Federation (2008 –
  • Chairman of the Polymer Council of Russian Academy of Sciences (from 2002, Vice-Chairman 1992—2002)
  • Institute of Organo-Element Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Polymers (1991—
  • Director of the Center for Advanced Experimental Facilities (1995—
  • Foreign Special Visiting Professor, Nagoya University (Japan) (1992)
  • Adjunct Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA) (1993—
  • External Professor, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) (1997—2002)
  • Honorary Professor, Head of the Institute for Polymer Science, University of Ulm (Germany) (2002—
  • Associate Member of IUPAC Macromolecular Division Committee (1995—1997), Titular Member (1997—2001), Associate Member (2001—2003)
  • Member of the Board of Macromolecular Physics Section of European Physical Society (1999—

  • Editor-in-Chief, Vysokomolekularnie Soedinenia (Russia), since 2007 (Member of Editorial Board since 1989)
  • Advisory Editor, Physica A (Netherlands) (1990—1996)
  • Editorial Board, Macromolecular Theory and Simulations (Germany), 1991—
  • Consulting Editor, American Institute of Physics Series in Polymers and Complex Fluids (1992—1998)
  • Editorial Board, Polymer Gels and Networks (England) (1992—1999)
  • Editorial Board, Biomacromolecules (USA), 2000—
  • Editorial Board, International Journal of Polymer Materials (USA), 2000—
  • Editorial Board, Polymer Journal (Japan), 2000—
  • Editorial Board, Progress in Polymer Science (USA), 2002—
  • Editorial Board, Molecular Physics (England), 2003—
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (England), 2004—2007
  • Editorial Board, Langmuir (USA), 2005—
  • Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Polymer Science (P.R.China), 2008—
  • Editorial Board, New Journal of Physics (England, Germany) 2010 –

  • USSR Prize in Physics for Young Scientists, 1982
  • Humboldt Research Award (Germany), 1992
  • Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences since 2000 (Member-Correspondent 1990—2000)
  • Member of Academia Europaea since 2000
  • Wolfgang Paul Research Award by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 2002—2004
  • Lomonosov Prize for Pedagogical Achievements, 2005
  • Polymer Technology Netherlands Award, 2005
  • Russian Federation National Award for Science and Technology, 2007


Polymer science, statistical physics of macromolecules, physical chemistry of polyelectrolytes and ionomers, microphase separation in polymer systems, polymer liquid crystals, polyelectrolyte responsive gels, topological restrictions in polymer systems, dynamics of concentrated polymer solutions and melts, coil-globule transitions, associating polymers, computer simulation of polymer systems, biomimetic polymers, proton-conducting polymer membranes.

Around 530 scientific papers, 7 books and 25 article reviews. More than 8700 citations, h-index 46.
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