Eva Carina Helena Keskitalo - Selected Publications#

Keskitalo, E. C. H., Lidestav, G., Westin, K., Lindgren, U. (2020) Understanding the multiple dynamics of the countryside – examples from forest cases in northern Europe. Journal of Rural Studies 78: 59-64. (Recent summary and comparative publication, drawing conclusions from larger projects in relation to broader rural studies fields).

Keskitalo, E. C. H. and B. L. Preston (2019, eds). Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Policy. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham. 507p. (Recent edited research handbook publication, focused on best practice and overview of field for climate change adaptation policy).

Keskitalo, E. C. H. (2019, ed) The Politics of Arctic Resources: Change and Continuity in the "Old North" of Northern Europe. Routledge: London and New York. 272p. (Recent edited book typical to comparative approach of the nominee, discussing the role of long-term historical processes for contemporary societal transformation).

Keskitalo, E. C. H. (2017, ed.) Globalisation and Change in Forest Ownership and Forest Use: Natural Resource Management in Transition. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke. 319p. (Recent edited book typical to comparative approach of the nominee).

Andersson, E., E. C. H. Keskitalo (2018) Adaptation to climate change? Why business-as-usual remains the logical choice in Swedish forestry. Global Environmental Change 48(1): 76-85. (Typical to nominee orientation of work, high level journal in the global environmental change field)

Keskitalo, E. C. H., Horstkotte, T., Kivinen, S., Forbes, B., and Käyhkö, J. (2016). ’Generality of mis-fit?’ The real-life difficulty of matching scales in an interconnected world. Ambio 45(6):742-52. (Typical to nominee orientation of work)

Keskitalo, E. C. H. and M. Pettersson (2012) ‘Implementing Multi-level Governance? The Legal Basis and Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive for Forestry in Sweden’, Environmental Policy and Governance, 22 (2), March/April, 90–103. Re-printed as Chapter 35 in Bache, I. and M. Flinders (2015) Multi-Level Governance: Essential Readings. Elgar Research Reviews in Social and Political Science, Edward Elgar Press: Cheltenham. (Novel approach reproduced in key readings source)

Ford, J. D., E. C. H. Keskitalo, T. Smith, T. Pearce, L. Berrang-Ford, F. Duerden, B. Smit (2010) Case Study and Analogue Methodologies in Climate Change Vulnerability Research. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - Climate Change 1 (3): 374–392. (Well cited)

Keskitalo, E. C. H. (2008) Climate Change and Globalization in the Arctic: An Integrated Approach to Vulnerability Assessment. Earthscan Publications, London. 257 p. (favourable international reviews)

Keskitalo, E. C. H. (2004) Negotiating the Arctic. The Construction of an International Region. Routledge, New York and London. 282 p. (part of basis for Nils Klim Prize)

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