Konstantinos Kerameus - Curriculum Vitae#

Born in Thessaloniki, 1937, he studied law in Thessaloniki (1955-60) and Berlin (1960-62), Ph.D. in Law: Free University of Berlin (1962). Assistant of Civil Law at Thessaloniki University (1965-67), where he was elected lecturer (1967-71) and then full professor of Civil Procedure (1971-82) and Dean of the Law School (1979-80). Dr. iur. h.c., University of Hamburg (1993); Dr. iur. h.c., University of Paris II (2000); Dr. iur. h.c., University of Liège (2003); Dr. iur. h.c., University of Vienna (2003).

Academic Activities#

He taught and examined, during twelve academic terms, American and German Civil Procedure, Comparative Law and Comparative Civil Procedure, European Community Law, Introduction to French Law, and International Business Transactions at foreign Law Schools (Berlin University, Hamburg University, Université de Paris II, Louisiana State University, Ohio State University, Tulane University, Chuo University) and gave guest lectures at over eighty European, American and Japanese Universities. In May 1993 he presented a paper on international jurisdiction in delictual matters to the French Association of Private International Law. In July 1997 he taught at the Hague Academy of International Law (“Enforcement in the International Context”). Since 1993 member and Vice-President of the Board of the International Association of Legal Science. Since 1994 Member of the Academia Europaea (London). Since 1995 member of the Board of the International Association of Procedural Law. Since 1998 President of the International Academy of Comparative Law (Paris).

Since 1986 he has been the Greek member of the Commission on the harmonization of European Contract Law, and since 1993 of the Commission on the harmonization of European Tort Law; Member of the Greek Constitutional Court (1976-1977), and of the European Commission on the harmonization of Civil Procedure (1988-1993).

Greek delegate to the Council of Cultural Cooperation of the Council of Europe (1975-79); in the negotiations toward the accession of Greece to the Brussels Convention (1981-82); to the Diplomatic Conference on the Lugano Convention (1988); co-author of the Official Report published in the Official Journal of the European Communities on the accession of Greece to the Brussels Convention (OJ C 298/1, 24 Nov. 1986).

For several years he was in charge of all programs of European cooperation at both the Law School and the University of Athens as a whole. He also served as President of the Greek Scholarships Foundation (IKY, 1992-1995).


President of ACA (Academic Cooperation Association) in Brussels between 1996 and 2002; ACA coordinates and supervises teachers’ and students’ exchange programs operated by national (British Council, Deutscher Akademischer Autauschdienst, Office des Universités suisses, etc.) and Community institutions.

General or national reporter to numerous international congresses, e.g. on the enforcement of foreign judgments (International Congress of Procedural Law, Utrecht 1987), or on provisional measures in transnational litigation (International Congress of Procedural Law, Taormina 1995), or on public policy and civil procedure (Journées franco-libanaises, Beyrouth 1998). President of the XIVth International Congress of Comparative Law (Athens 1994) and editor of the General Reports (Sakkoulas/Kluwer, 1996). Member of the Study Group on a European Civil Code.

Professional Activities#

Member of the Greek Bar since 1964. He pleaded several cases before the Greek Supreme Court, including its Full Bench. Arbitrator in many international and some domestic cases. Since 2000 he is the President of the Greek Arbitration Association and since 2005 the President of the Greek Association of Civil Procedure. Since 1992 General Counsel of the National Bank of Greece. Expert witness on Greek law, including procedural and maritime law, before foreign courts and international arbitral tribunals.

Membership of Academic Associations#

Hellenic Society of International Law and International Relations; Hellenic Association of European Law; Society of Judicial Studies; International Law Association; American Society of International Law; International Society on Family Law; International Association of Procedural Law; Gesellschaft für internationales Verfahrensrecht, Verfahrensrechtsvergleichung und Schiedsgerichtswesen.
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