Ruth Kempson - Selected publications#

  • (1975) Presupposition and the Delimitation of Semantics. Cambridge University Press.
  • (1977) Semantic Theory. Cambridge University Press.
  • (1981b) (jointly with A.Cormack) 'Ambiguiity and quantification', Linguistics and Philosophy 4, 259-309.
  • (1988a) (ed.) Mental Representations: The Interface Between Language and Reality. Cambridge University Press.
  • (1992a) (with D.Gabbay) 'Natural-Language content: a proof-theoretic perspective' in M.Stokhof & P.Dekker (eds.), Proceedings of the 8th Amsterdam Formal Semantics Colloquium. Amsterdam
  • (1994) (with D.Gabbay, J.V.Pitt) 'Labelled abduction and relevance reasoning' in Demolombe et al Nonstandard queries from Databases. Oxford University Press.
  • (1995) (ed.) Deduction and Language, A special issue of the Bulletin of the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics.
  • (1996) 'Semantics, Pragmatics and Natural Language Interpretation' in Lappin, S. (ed.) Handbook of Contemporary Semantic Theory. Blackwell.

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