Anna Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen - Curriculum Vitae#


Professor of Psychology, University of Helsinki, since 1.4.1981


BA 1968; MA 1970; PhLic 1973; PhD 1977, University of Helsinki; Docent in Applied Psychology 1979; Found scientifically competent for the post of Professor of Psychology, 1982, University of Helsinki; Docent in Educational Psychology, University of Oulu, 1990.


Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Helsinki (HU) 1978-81; Professor of Psychology University of Helsinki 1981-; Senior Scientist, The Academy of Finland; 1994-1995, Senior Scientist, The Academy of Finland 2001-2002.


The Academy of Finland (principal investigator):

Psychic variables in psychosomatic diseases, FIM 27.150, 1983-1985. Illness behavior – psychosocial aspects of the illness, FIM 187.100, 1986-1988. Behavioral risk factors in a development of CHD, FIM 133.700, 1988-1989. Early behavioural of risk factors of coronary heart disease, FIM 132.300, 1990-1991. Interaction of psychological, biological and psychophysiological risk variables of CHD in middle-aged men, FIM 407.400, 1992-1994. Interaction of psychological biological and psychophysiological risk variables of CHD in middle-aged men, FIM 288.000, 1994-1995. Interaction between personality and physiological and hormonal stress responses in the etiology of CHD, FIM 171.900, 1995-1996. Temperament, stress and coronary-disease proneness, FIM 1.097.400, 1998-2000. Social-cognitive information processing, temperament and stress, FIM 460.100, 1999-2001. Behavioral risk factors of coronary heart disease, FIM 672.600, 2001-2002. Psychological risk factors for coronary heart disease, FIM 1.500.000, 2001-2003. Lifespan development of psychosocial coronary heart disease risk, EUR 306.000, 2004-2007. Gene x childhood environment interactions, and gene – childhood environment correlations in a development of adulthood temperament EUR 230.000, 2006-2009. Researh Programme: The Future of Work and Well-Being 2008-2011; Life-cource development of temperament – related stress vulnerability EUR 182.310, 2008-2011 (Consortion EUR 509.210). Childhood origins and life-span developmental course of depressive disorder EUR 450.000, 2012-2016, Intergenerational transmission of socio-emotional well-being: A multidisciplinary study of offspring development across the lifecourse EUR 826.213, 2013-2016.


University of Uppsala, Department of Psychology, 1985; Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Psychology, Warsaw, 1994; Karolinska Institute, University of Stockholm, 2003, Washington University, St. Louis, USA, 2009; International PhD Course on Psychosocial epidemiology, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010.


Head of the Applied Division 1989-98, Head of the Psychological Department 1998-00; Head of the Applied Division 2001-03; Vicemember of the Faculty Counsil 1995-97 and 2010-12; Member of the Faculty Counsil 1998-03 and 2007-09; Member of the Council of the National Post Graduate School for Psychology 1994-03, Deputy member of the Board of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies 2004-08: Member of the Election Collegium 2007-09.

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