Veronika Kalmus - Selected Publications#

Beilmann, Mai; Kalmus, Veronika; Macek, Jakub; Macková, Alena; Šerek, Jan (2018): Youth in the Kaleidoscope: Civic Participation Types in Estonia and the Czech Republic. Sociální studia / Social Studies, 15(2), 11−33.

Macek, Jakub; Macková, Alena; Pavlopoulos, Vassilis; Kalmus, Veronika; Elavsky, Michael C.; Šerek, Jan (2018): Trust in alternative and professional media: The case of the youth news audiences in three European countries. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 15(3), 340-354.

Kalmus, Veronika; Masso, Anu; Opermann, Signe; Täht, Karin. (2018). Mobile Time as a Blessing or a Curse: Perceptions of Smartphone Use and Personal Time among Generation Groups in Estonia. Trames: Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 22(1, 72/67), 45−62.

Kalmus, Veronika; Kõuts-Klemm, Ragne; Beilmann, Mai; Rämmer, Andu; Opermann, Signe. (2018). Long-Lasting Shadows of (Post)Communism? Generational and Ethnic Divides in Political and Civic Participation in Estonia. In: Wimmer, J.; Wallner, C.; Winter, R.; Oelsner, K. (Eds). (Mis-)Understanding Political Participation: Digital Practices, New Forms of Participation and the Renewal of Democracy (35−56). New York, Abingdon: Routledge.

Erss, Maria; Kalmus, Veronika (2018). Discourses of Teacher Autonomy and the Role of Teachers in Estonian, Finnish and Bavarian Teachers’ Newspapers in 1991-2010. Teaching and Teacher Education, 76 (November), 95−105.

Nugin, Raili; Kalmus, Veronika (2018). Social generations and societal changes. In: Vihalemm, P., Masso, A., Opermann, S. (Eds). The Routledge International Handbook of European Social Transformations (298−311). London: Routledge.

Kruuse, Kristiina; Kalmus, Veronika (2017). Supernatural Creatures, Accidents and War: Young Children’s Television-related Fears and Coping Strategies. Television and New Media, 18(3), 252−268.

Vihalemm, Peeter; Lauristin, Marju; Kalmus, Veronika; Vihalemm, Triin (Eds) (2017). Eesti ühiskond kiirenevas ajas. Uuringu "Mina. Maailm. Meedia" 2002-2014 tulemused [Estonian society in an accelerating time: Findings of the survey “Me. The World. The Media” 2002-2014]]. Tartu: University of Tartu Press.

Kalmus, Veronika (2016). The emergence of the “digital generation” in Estonia’s transition period. In: Nugin, R., Kannike, A. & Raudsepp, M. (Eds), Generations in Estonia: Contemporary Perspectives on Turbulent Times (319−341). Tartu: University of Tartu Press.

Erss, Maria; Kalmus, Veronika; Autio, Tero (2016). 'Walking a Fine Line': Teachers' Perception of Curricular Autonomy in Estonia, Finland and Germany. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 48(5), 589-609.

Kalmus, Veronika; Blinka, Lukas; Ólafsson, Kjartan. (2015). Does It Matter What Mama Says: Evaluating the Role of Parental Mediation in European Adolescents’ Excessive Internet Use. Children and Society, 29(2), 122−133.

Talves, Kairi; Kalmus, Veronika (2015). Gendered mediation of children’s internet use: A keyhole for looking into changing socialization practices. Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, 9(1).

Kalmus, Veronika; Siibak, Andra; Blinka, Lukas. (2014). Internet and child well-being. In: Ben-Arieh, A.; Frones, I.; Casas, F.; Korbin, J.E. (Eds). Handbook of Child Well-Being. Theories, Methods and Policies in Global Perspective (2093−2133). Dordrecht: Springer.

Kruuse, Kristiina; Kalmus, Veronika (2014). When the villain remains unpunished: Unintended effects of the social mediation of young children’s TV viewing. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 10(3), 355−363.

Livingstone, Sonia; Kalmus, Veronika; Talves, Kairi (2014). Girls' and boys' experiences of online risk and safety. In: Carter, Cynthia; Steiner, Linda; McLaughlin, Lisa (Eds). The Routledge Companion to Media and Gender (190−200). London: Routledge.

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