Matthijs Kalmijn - Selected Publications#

- H-index in Web of Science is 31 (total cites 3591).
- H-index in Google Scholar is 50 (total cites 11525).
- Best cited paper: cited 581 times in Web of Science and 1637 times in Google Scholar (in Annual Review of Sociology 1998)

1. Kalmijn, M. 2017. The Ambiguous Link between Marriage and Health: A Dynamic Reanalysis of Loss and Gain Effects. Social Forces, accepted. (Q1 sociology)

2. Leopold, T. & M. Kalmijn. 2016. Is Divorce More Painful When Couples Have Children? Evidence From Long-Term Panel Data on Multiple Domains of Well-being. Demography, 53, 6, 1717-1742. (Q1 demography)

3. Kalmijn, M. & Van de Werfhorst, H. G. 2016. Sibship Size and Gendered Resource Dilution in Different Societal Contexts. PLoS ONE, 11(8), p. e0160953. (Q1 multidisciplinary sciences)

4. Kalmijn, M. 2016. Father-child contact, interparental conflict, and depressive symptoms among children of divorced parents. European Sociological Review, 32, 68-80. (Q1 sociology)

5. Kalmijn, M. 2015. How childhood circumstances moderate the long-term impact of divorce on father-child relationships. Journal of Marriage and Family, 77(4):921-38. (Q1 family studies, Q1 sociology)

6. Kalmijn, M. 2015. The children of intermarriage in four European countries: Implications for school achievement, social contacts, and cultural values. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 662, 246-265 (Q1 political science).

7. Kalmijn, M. 2015. Family disruption and intergenerational transmission: Comparing the influences of married parents, divorced parents, and stepparents. Demography, 52(3):811-33. (Q1 demography)

8. Kalmijn, M. 2013. How mothers allocate support among adult children: Evidence from a multi-actor survey. Journals of Gerontology Series B-Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 68, 268-277. (Q1 gerontology)

9. Ivanova, K. M. Kalmijn & W. Uunk. 2013. The effect of children on men’s and women’s chances of re-partnering in a European context. European Journal of Population, 29, 417-444. (Q1 demography)

10. Damman, M., Henkens, K., & Kalmijn, M. 2011. The impact of midlife educational, work, health, and family experiences on men’s early retirement. Journals of Gerontology Series B-Psychological (Q1 gerontology)

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