Roger Kain - Selected Publications#

1985, 2006: The Tithe Surveys of England and Wales, xvi + 327 pages, 81 figures, 17 tables. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (jointly with H C Prince).

1986, 2010: An Atlas and Index of the Tithe Files of Mid-Nineteenth-Century England and Wales, xxviii + 651 pages, 582 figures, 108 tables, 250,000 item index. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

1992: The Cadastral Map in the Service of the State: a history of property mapping. xix + 423 pages. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (jointly with Elizabeth Baigent and winner of the Newberry Library Nebenzahl Prize).

1995, 2011: The Tithe Maps of England and Wales: a cartographic analysis and county-by-county catalogue. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. 873 pages. Awarded the Library Association McColvin Medal for 1995.

1999: (a) English Maps: A history. xiv + 320 pages. London, The British Library (jointly with Catherine Delano Smith).
(b) (ed) Historical Atlas of South-West England. xxii + 564 pages. Exeter, University of Exeter Press.

2000: Tithe Surveys for Historians. xvi + 148 pages. Chichester, Phillimore (jointly with Hugh Prince).

2001: Historic Parishes of England and Wales: An electronic map of boundaries before 1850 with a gazetteer and metadata. 242 pages + 3 CDROM disks. Colchester, History Data Service, UK Data Archive (jointly with Richard Oliver).

2004, 2011: The Enclosure Maps of England and Wales 1595-1918. xx + 415 pages + electronic catalogue maintained permanently by UK Data Archive at

2015: British Town Maps: a History, London, The British Library (jointly with Richard Oliver).
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