Štěpán Jurajda - Selected Publications#

Google Scholar: 1150 citations, H index 19
WoS: 162 citations, H index 8

“Gender Gap in Admission Performance under Competitive Pressure” (with Daniel Münich)
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings 101(3), pp. 514–18, 2011.

“Financial Development and Corporate Growth in the EU Single Market” (with Jan Bena)
Economica, 78(311), pp. 401–428, 2011.

“Admission to Selective Schools, Alphabetically” (with Daniel Münich) Economics of Education
Review 29 (6), pp. 1100–1109, 2010.

“Regional Unemployment and Human Capital in Transition Economies” (with Katherine Terrell)
Economics of Transition, 17 (2), pp. 241–274, 2009.

“Job Reallocation in Two Cases of Massive Adjustment in Eastern Europe” (with Katherine
Terrell) World Development 36 (11), pp. 2144–2169, 2008.

“When Do ‘Female’ Occupations Pay More?” (with Heike Harmgart) Journal of Comparative
Economics, 35 (1), pp. 170–187, 2007.

“Gender Segregation and Wage Gap: An East-West Comparison,” Journal of the European
Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings, 3, pp. 598-607, 2005.

“Gender Wage Gap and Segregation in Enterprises and the Public Sector in Late Transition
Countries,” Journal of Comparative Economics, 31 (2), pp. 199-222, 2003.

“Unemployment Spells and the Extended Unemployment Benefits in Local Labor Markets,”
(with Frederick Tannery) Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 56 (2): 324-348, 2003.

“Estimating the Effect of Unemployment Insurance Compensation on the Labor Market Histories
of Displaced Workers,” Journal of Econometrics, 108 (2), pp. 227-252, 2002.

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