Stipan Jonjic - Publications#


Web of Science (All Databases): 9.460 h-index: 53

Selected Publications

1. Berry R, Watson G, Jonjic S, Delgi-Esposti M, Rossjohn J: Modulation of Innate and Adaptive Immunity by Cytomegaloviruses. Nature Reviews of Immunology, doi:10.1038/s41577-019-0225-5. 2019 epub ahead of print (IF: 44.019)

2. Železnjak K, Juranić Lisnić V, Popović B, Lisnić B, Babić M, Halenius A, L’Hernault A, Lenac Roviš T, Hengel H, Erhard F, Redwood A, Vidal S, Doelken l, Krmpotić A, Jonjić S: The complex of MCMV proteins and MHC class I evades NK cell control and drives the evolution of virus-specific activating Ly49 receptors. Journal of Experimental Medicine, doi: 10.1084/jem.20182213. 216(8):1809-1827. 2019 (IF: 10.892)

3. Lenac Rovis T, Kucan Brlic P, Kaynan N, Juranic Lisnic V, Brizic I, Jordan S Tomic A, Kvestak D, Babic, Tsukerman P, Colonna M, Koszinowski U, Messerle M, Mandelboim O, Krmpotic A, Jonjic S: Inflammatory monocytes and NK cells play a crucial role in DNAM-1-dependent control of cytomegalovirus infection. Journal of Experimental Medicine, doi: 10.1084/jem.20151899. 213(9):1835-50. 2016 (11.991)

4. Trsan T, Busche A, Abram M, Wensveen FM, Lemmermann NA, Arapovic M, Babic M,Tomic A, Golemac M, Brinkmann MM, Jäger W, Oxenius A, Polic B, Krmpotic A, Messerle M, Jonjic S: Superior induction and maintenance of protective CD8 T cells in mice infected with mouse cytomegalovirus vector expressing RAE-1γ. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1310215110. 110(41):16550-5. 2013 (IF: 9.809)

5. Slavuljica I, Busche A, Babić M, Mitrović M, Gasparović I, Cekinović Dj, Markova Car E, Pernjak Pugel E, Ciković A, Juranić Lisnić V, Britt WJ, Koszinowski U, Messerle M, Krmpotić A, Jonjić S: Recombinant mouse cytomegalovirus expressing a ligand for the NKG2D receptor is attenuated and has improved vaccine properties. Journal of Clinical Investigation, doi: 10.1172/JCI43961. 120(12):4532-45. 2010 (IF:14.152)

6. Babic M, Pyzik M, Zafirova B, Mitrovic M, Butorac V, Lanier LL, Krmpotic A, Vidal SM Jonjic S: Cytomegalovirus immunoevasin reveals the physiological role of missing self recognition in NK cell dependent virus control in vivo. Journal of Experimental Medicine, doi: 10.1084/jem.20100921. 207(12):2663-73. 2010 (IF:14.776)

7. Lenac T, Budt M, Arapovic J, Hasan M, Zimmermann A, Simic H, Krmpotic A, Messerle M, Ruzsics Z, Koszinowski UH, Hengel H, Jonjic S: The herpesviral Fc receptor fcr-1 down-regulates the NKG2D ligands MULT-1 and H60. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 203(8):1843-50. 2006 (IF:14.484)

8. Krmpotic A, Busch D, Bubic I, Gebhardt F, Hengel H, Hasan M, Scalzo A, Koszinowski UH, Jonjić S: MCMV glycoprotein gp40 confers virus resistance to CD8+T cells and NK cells in vivo. Nature Immunology, 3:529-35. 2002 (IF:26.199)

9. Krmpotic A, Messerle M, Crnkovic-Mertens I, Polic B, Jonjic S, Koszinowski UH: The Immunoevasive Function Encoded by the Mouse Cytomegalovirus Gene m152 protects the Virus against T Cell Control in Vivo. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 190:1285-1295. 1999 (IF:13.214)

10. Jonjic S, Pavic I, Polic B, Crnkovic I, Lucin P, Koszinowski UH: Antibodies are not essential for the resolution of primary cytomegalovirus infection but limit dissemination of recurrent virus. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 179:1713-1717. 1994 (IF:13.214)

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