Peter Jonas Publications#

Number of citations total: 14245
Hirsch index total: 56
Number of publications total: 71 original papers, 16 reviews, 9 book articles, and 1 Scholarpedia publication
Number of publications with 100 or more citations: 39

10 representative publications as senior author (citations and impact factor according to Harzing’s PP, Google Scholar for March 2015; self-citations excluded):

Hu H, Gan J, Jonas P (2014) Fast-spiking, parvalbumin+ GABAergic interneurons: From cellular design to microcircuit function. Science 345:DOI: 10.1126/science.1255263.
Times cited: N/A Impact Factor: 31.477

Vyleta NP, Jonas P (2014). Loose coupling between Ca2+ channels and release sensors at a plastic hippocampal synapse. Science 343:665-670.
Times cited: N/A Impact Factor: 31.477

Hu H, Jonas P (2014) A supercritical density of Na+ channels ensures fast signaling in GABAergic interneuron axons. Nature Neuroscience 17:686-693.
Times cited: N/A Impact Factor: 14.976

Pernía-Andrade AJ, Jonas P (2014) Theta–gamma modulated synaptic currents in hippocampal granule cells in vivo define a mechanism for network oscillations. Neuron 81:140-152.
Times cited: N/A Impact Factor: 14.736

Kim S, Guzman SJ, Hu H, Jonas P (2012) Active dendrites support efficient initiation of dendritic spikes in hippocampal CA3 pyramidal neurons. Nature Neuroscience 15:600-606.
Times cited: 20 Impact Factor: 14.976

Eggermann E, Jonas P (2012) How the “slow” Ca2+ buffer parvalbumin affects transmitter release in nanodomain coupling regimes at GABAergic synapses. Nature Neuroscience 15:20-22.
Times cited: 36 Impact Factor: 14.976

Eggermann E, Bucurenciu I, Goswami SP, Jonas P (2012) Nanodomain coupling between Ca2+ channels and sensors of exocytosis at fast mammalian synapses. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 13:7-21 [Featured Article]].
Times cited: 84 Impact Factor: 31.376

Bucurenciu I, Bischofberger J, Jonas P (2010) A small number of open Ca2+ channels trigger transmitter release at a central GABAergic synapse. Nature Neuroscience 13:19-21.
Times cited: 60 Impact Factor: 14.976

Hu H, Martina M, Jonas P (2010) Dendritic mechanisms underlying rapid synaptic activation of fast-spiking hippocampal interneurons. Science 327:52-58 [“Must read” according to Faculty of 1000 Biology]].
Times cited: 89 Impact Factor: 31.477

Bartos M, Vida I, Jonas P (2007) Synaptic mechanisms of synchronized gamma oscillations in inhibitory interneuron networks. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 8:45-56.
Times cited: 818 Impact Factor: 31.376
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