Hans Joas - Selected publications#

George Herbert Mead. A Contemporary Re-examination of his Thought
(MIT Press 1985)
Social Action and Human Nature (with Axel Honneth)
(Cambridge University Press 1988)

Pragmatism and Social Theory
(University of Chicago Press 1993)
The Creativity of Action
(University of Chicago Press 1996)

The Genesis of Values
(University of Chicago Press 2000)
War and Modernity
(Blackwell 2003)

Social Theory (with Wolfgnag Knoebl) (Cambridge University Press 2009)
Do We Need Religion? On the Experience of Self-Transcendence (Paradigm 2009)

War in Social Thought. A History
(with Wolfgang Knoebl)
(Princeton University Press 2012)
The Sacredness of the Person. A New Genealogy of Human Rights
(Georgetown University Press 2013)

Faith as an Option. Possible Futures for Christianity
Stanford University Press 2014
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